justin bieber kendall jenner date

Kris Jenner reportedly set up the supposed date that her daughter Kendall Jenner went on with Justin Bieber yesterday in Paris.

Of course we all know that Justin and Selena are currently seeing each other again. Sources say their romance kicked off a couple of months ago and they’ve been good ever since.

So it came as a surprise when Justin and Kendall would choose to have dinner at a public restaurant — they could’ve simply opted to have dinner at home, or at a place that would’ve been more convenient for the two.

But then you’ve gotta remember who Kendall’s mother is. Kris Jenner.

Outlets are claiming that Kris was behind the media frenzy last night when Kendall and Justin stepped out of their Rolls Royce car and headed to a restaurant with dozens of photographers randomly already waiting at the scene.

Somebody must’ve called the paparazzi to let them know on what was about to happen, otherwise how would they have known the youngsters were going to show up?

It would make sense for Kris to try and manipulate the audience into thinking there’s tension in Justin’s relationship to Selena.

Not only that, but let’s think about this for a second.

Kendall Jenner is on top of the world right now. She’s walking the runway for every huge designer out there — Chanel, Givenchy, etc.

Her career has pretty much blown through the roof in the last few weeks, and in order to maintain that level of success and attention, Kris is working her own magic by hooking up this “date” Kendall had with Justin.

Kris is no stranger to calling the paparazzi when she needs one of her kids to make the press.

Last year, she infamously hooked up the same “date” between Kendall and Harry Styles. The two were seen out and about from that point on, but supposedly split a few weeks later due to their hectic schedules.

Oh please. There was no relationship, it was a publicity stunt to get the media talking.

So this begs the question… why is Justin in on this?

He has an album to promote for the next month. The 20-year-old is dropping his first duets album with fellow singer Cody Simpson, and seeing that this will be his first album in over two years, his PR team want to make sure the record sells well.

So there ya have it.

ciara assult prank

Ciara shard an embarrassing moment last night when prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, jumped next to the singer while she was having her photo taken after leaving the Valentino fashion show in Paris.

That’s not all though.

Vitalii would go on to drop his coat and expose his bare bottom to the dozens of photographers who were snapping pics of Ciara.

Vitalii gave Ci a quick hug before being pulled off by security, making it seem like his plan to prank yet another celebrity has worked successfully.

You may recall him pulling a so-called “prank” on Kim Kardashian last week when he allegedly tried to hug her, though other reports claim he tried to pull her to the ground as she made her way into a fashion show.

Ciara’s facial expression seemed like she wasn’t bothered about the incident at all. She clearly knew who Vitalii was, so it would explain why she didn’t freak out or anything.

According to reports, Sediuk no longer has the right to fly to the United States as instructed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, following his prank on Brad Pitt earlier this year which saw him reaching in for a kiss that led to a brief brawl between the two.

Before that, we saw Vitalii trying to kiss Will Smith at a movie premiere in Moscow, and then there was that incident at Cannes a couple of months back when he crawled under America Ferrera’s dress.

The French police are so chilled out about Vitalii’s pranks that they refuse to take any actions against him — though he crossed the line with the Kim Kardashian incident, cops over in Paris aren’t bothered and think it’s hilarious.

Well, if I was Kim or Ciara – or anybody famous for that matter – I wouldn’t want to live in Paris where cops won’t even protect me from stuff like this.

Sure, his pranks are somewhat harmless, but how am I supposed to know that?

kim kardashian kanye west pregnant second child

Kim Kardashian has built another nursery room in her Hidden Hills home because she believes she’ll be pregnant again before the end of the year.

As North West celebrated her first birthday just a couple of months ago, Kim has reportedly been talking about how much she wants to have another child.

She’s always wanted a big family, but another thing that’s really important to her right now is that North has a sibling she can play with as she grows up.

The 33-year-old is rarely seen working out these days and we’re hearing it’s all down to the supposed fact that Kardashian is gearing up to carry Kanye West’s second child.

Outlets are claiming that Kim and Kanye are already trying for their next bundle of joy. The reality star has stopped focusing on her weight as doctors have told her that the chances of her being able to conceive in the future will be much harder than if she took the chance now.

And seeing that Kim doesn’t actually work like the rest of us, it’s not like it’ll affect her. Other than her body changing a little bit.

Do y’all remember Kim’s first pregnancy?

The moaning on how she hated the way her body looks was just unbearable. You’d think someone like Kim, who’s constantly caked up in make-up and heads to the gym as often as possible, would’ve enjoyed those 9 months.

But it turned out to be a whole different story.

But this time is different, Kim tells friends.

She knows what’s ahead of her once she conceives.

It is believed that Kim and Kanye plan on moving out of Kris Jenner’s home later this year, so Kim’s pregnancy would be ideal for the couple who’ll be glad to finally have some privacy.

In case you weren’t aware, Kimye have been living with Kris since the summer of last year as they waited for their Bel-Air mansion to be redecorated upon their arrival.

Since then, Kanye purchased another home in Hidden Hills where the two now plan on living while the Bel-Air home will just be another property of the couple.

Perhaps a getaway for Kanye when things get too much with Kim?

Nevertheless, I hope Kim is ready for the challenge to go through pregnancy again. Let’s all pray that there’ll be less moaning this time around.

kanye west amber rose cheating

Amber Rose has secretly been texting Kanye West as sources hint the former couple may very well be getting back together.

Amber, who just recently filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, didn’t take time trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend, Kanye, after their relationship came to an end just over four years ago.

Several insiders state that Amber still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend despite the fact that he was believed to have been controlling in the relationship.

Shocker? I don’t think so.

Rose ended up parting ways with Kanye who would then go on to date and marry Kim Kardashian, but as their own relationship is heading down the drain with rumours that Kanye is always unhappy, it’s not hard to believe the rapper wants out.

Sources reveal that Kanye has been accepting texts from Amber Rose in the past week.

Amber managed to get his number through a mutual friend of hers; she didn’t waste time trying to make the first move in seeing how he was doing, and things gradually went from there.

It’s unclear whether the two have spoken yet, or whether they plan on seeing each other anytime soon, but one thing that sources are stating is that they’re definitely texting each other.

Kim probably doesn’t know a thing, as always.

Kim probably never goes through Kanye’s phone seeing that he’s such a control freak. She’s probably too scared to look and see if there’s anything in there that would raise eyebrows due to her hubby’s short temper.

And no, we’re not insinuating Kanye would physically hurt Kim — perhaps emotionally though.

“They left their relationship on a bad note, so Amber reached out to basally apologize, and say that she still valued his friendship. . . . They’ve texted just about every day since,” one insider shared.

Well let’s not forget how Amber and Kanye’s relationship ended.

I recall Amber receiving a multi-million dollar cheque from Kanye so that she keeps her mouth shut on things she saw and heard while being around the rapper during their romance.

Kanye West made sure to zip Amber’s mouth shut with millions of dollars. So I’m assuming Amber has some serious dirt on him that he most definitely wouldn’t want to get out to the world.

Perhaps the “dirt” she’s carrying on him is his alleged affair with Kim during his relationship with Amber. How he’d secretly meet up with the 33-year-old behind Amber’s back.

This, along with the rumor that he’s no longer in love with Kim, I could see him try and work things out with Amber again.

But should he take her back, does that mean the money he gave to her as hush money would also be given back?

This Amber Rose chick is making millions from doing next to nothing.

First the hush money, now the $1 million divorce payment from Wiz Khalifa thanks to the negotiated prenup prior to marrying “the love of her life”.

Where do I sign up for a job like hers?

ashton kutcher mila kunis demi moore feud

Creepy Demi Moore has told her ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, that she wants to help him and Mila Kunis raise their baby once Mila gives birth.

Nice gesture or just weird?

We’ll go with weird. Just because Demi has never really had good intentions at heart.

She demanded spousal support from her ex during their divorce battle last year, then she allegedly tried to delay the process after news broke Mila was engaged to Ashton, but all of a sudden she’s showing them so much love.

If you think this is fishy, you ain’t the only one.

“Demi is putting the past behind her now,” a source says, stating that Demi Moore may have actually (and finally) moved on from Ashton. “She is in total acceptance now.”

The source added: “She ultimately has great love for Ashton and has accepted the fact that he is in love Mila and that they are starting a family.”

Ashton, being the nice guy that he is, will most likely end up agreeing to have Demi help him and Mila out with the arrival of their newborn any day now.


Well, Demi and Ashton are so to say still good pals. We shouldn’t paint Ashton as an “angel” seeing that he cheated on Demi, but then again with the age gap that these two have between one another, it was bound to happen.

Either way, Kutcher has matured and so has Demi, the source continued.

“Things have settled down a lot, and she wants to be there for Ashton’s family.”

Dare I say it, but Ashton should not let his baby anywhere near Demi Moore. With her previous mental breakdowns and all kinds of other shenanigans, Mila should definitely make Ashton see sense before they start inviting Demi over to their home.

nicki minaj ema hosting

Nicki Minaj has announced that she’ll be hosting this year’s MTV European Music Awards.

The surprise news was confirmed on the rapper’s Instagram page where she shared her excitement to finally host such a huge show.

The awards ceremony will take place in Glasgow, November 9th. To us that sounds like perfect timing for Nicki Minaj, who is expected to release ‘The PinkPrint’ that same month.

And seeing how many of her fellow artists have been doing with their first-week album sales, we’d say Nicki should most definitely take on every gig she can in order to make sure she pulls in some solid numbers.

Nicki writes on Instagram: “So excited to announce that I will not only perform, but I have the honorable task of HOSTING this year’s MTV European Music Awards!!!!!!!”

“The show will shoot in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND for its 20th Anniversary ON NOVEMBER 9th!!!!”

The photo which she attached to the caption shows the rapper sitting comfortable on her throne in her castle.

It’s unlikely that Minaj will perform ‘Anaconda’ again when she’s set to perform in November. She’ll definitely drop another single before the album hits stores, but I’ve got my fingers crossed Nicki will do something purely from her Hip-Hop roots, as opposed to pop.

Nicki will most definitely bring the shock value to the show. 2014 has been her year.

Having done dozens of features with artists including August Alsina, Beyonce and Juicy J, Nicki broke the record for ‘most views in 24 hours’ on Vevo while both ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Pills n Potions’ have been certified gold.

Looks like she’s definitely bringing her slayage to the EMAs.

jennifer hudson david otunga split

Is Jennifer Hudson splitting with her baby daddy David Otunga?

We could’ve used kinder words such as ‘fiance’ but at this point, it looks like David will only be known as J-Hud’s baby daddy because sources say the couple could be heading down a rocky path.

With very rare public appearances in recent months and Jennifer’s shady behaviour when asked on whether she will ever marry her fiance, the couple have everyone convinced there’s something odd going on in their relationship.

The former American Idol was overjoyed when she announced SIX years ago she was engaged to WWE champ, David Otunga, but as the years went by, the two never actually married.

It was revealed that a wedding was set for the end of 2010 but one of the two decided to cancel those plans for whatever reason, so the wedding was post-poned and we have yet to see Jennifer walk down the aisle and marry her beau.

Now the only reason why people are speculating about Hudson and her plans to get married is because she’s been engaged for so many years, so people are allowed to make their assumptions and have their opinions.

Ladies, if you’ve been engaged with your man for six years, you know there’s something wrong.

It’s because you are aware that marriage may not be what you want.

Nobody (with money) waits this long to tie the knot, it’s just absurd.

But then we dig a little deeper and find that David has been absent for many important events recently, such as Hudson’s album release party. Or when he was a no-show at the BET Awards while his woman was performing on stage.

Or even when Jennifer was at the pre-Grammys party earlier this year, having the time of her life. But of course without the presence of her husband.

Last time we saw the couple publicly was back in January while Otunga did show up for Jennifer’s birthday party earlier this month.

I smell something fishy.

My theory: they aren’t living together. For some weird reason they are acting as if they are still this happy couple when in actuality they may have split.

But if my theory is correct, why would J-Hud stay silent on it? Wouldn’t she want to get back into the nightclub scene and find herself a new man?


Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are fuelling rumours they are dating again.

The former Disney stars had fans going crazy when Joe made a surprise appearance at Lovato’s concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this past week.

The former couple would go on to sing their hit ‘This is Me’ before both singers went on their social media pages, stating how much fun they had being back together again… on stage.

Demi’s fans think there’s more to the story than Joe and Lovato want us to know.

Having hinted at Joe being a special guest at one of her shows just days before their performance, the 22-year-old shared a screenshot of Iggy Azalea’s song ‘New B*tch’ a week earlier via Instagram.

“This is my new shi*t… Yeah,” Demi said.

demi lovato iggy azalea tweet

For those who are not too familiar with the song, it’s simply Iggy Azalea rapping in her African American accent about a guy she just started dating, before proclaiming herself to be his “new b*ch”.

And let’s not forget the endless rumours of Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama having called it quits again. These two have broken up and gotten back together on so many occasions, I’m sure they both look at each other as being nothing more than friends at this point.

Demi posted a photo of herself lying next to Wilmer, but the pic seemed innocent. The photo was so friendly, you would think these two were the best of pals as opposed to people who were in a relationship together.

wilmer valderrama demi lovato snuggle

Of course that photo was posted way before Joe Jonas came back into the picture and Demi started writing about how much she loves Iggy Azalea’s new song which sorta hinted at her being Joe’s girlfriend. There’s definitely a connection.

Lovatics may be right after all.

Joe and Demi Lovato have dated in the past. All of a sudden they reunite, start performing together, spam their social media on how much fun they had being in the presence of each other while rumours of an alleged reconciliation are swirling the net.

It would be daft not to assume Demi is hooking up with Joe again.

If they haven’t hooked up yet, it’ll happen soon.

Gigi Hadid will be out of the picture before you know it.

kylie jenner music career

Kylie Jenner is reportedly planning to launch her music career.

As her older sister, Kendall, continues to take over Paris Fashion Week, Kylie has somewhat remained in the shadow of her sibling.

So to branch out and find a talent of her own, the 17-year-old is getting serious with music; she supposedly loves writing her own songs and has an amazing voice, a source says.

Kylie has been working with vocal coaches that have trained the likes of Beyonce and her best pal, Willow Smith. So taking this into consideration, it really does seem like she’s serious to make something of herself that actually requires work.

At least she’s driven to do something, right?

“Not only can she sing, but she is also starting to write her own stuff and is a pretty good songwriter,” the source explains, gushing on how much Kylie has been working on her voice to perfect it when hitting certain notes of her songs.

Video below dates back to December, 2012

The teenager who claims to be homeschooled, though we’re constantly seeing her out and about in different cities, is aware that she could really push this music industry thing in her favor, seeing how much success the Kardashians have experienced in the last seven years.

Their reality show, clothing lines, endorsement deals, make-up and accessories have all been hits with their Kardashian fans, so why wouldn’t people who are so obsessed with this family want to go and buy Kylie’s music?

I can already see her following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus; twerking and dressing up in inappropriate outfits for her music videos while the songs will most likely be generic bubblegum and auto-tuned stuff with the help of a fantastic music producer.

“Kylie is excited and nervous about showing off her talents. She has really been pouring herself into her music and has had several vocal lessons now.”

If her voice sounds anything like the clip above – which dates back to two years ago – then it would be interesting to see how things turn out for the girl.

But she does claim to have had a lot of vocal training, so anything’s possible, right?

wendy williams charlamagne feud

Wendy Williams slammed her protege Charlamagne tha God in an interview earlier today with Elvis Duran.

The famous talk-show stopped by the morning show to discuss all things Wendy, but there was an awkward atmosphere in the room when Williams refused to acknowledge who Charlamagne was.

When the radio personality’s name was brought up, Wendy responded by saying “who?”. She would go on to repeat the word four times before adding she “can’t identify with people she doesn’t know”.

So what in the world caused this beef between the two?

Skip to 13:45 to hear what Wendy had to say about her protege

Well, it is believed that their drift came a couple of years back when Wendy’s husband/manager, Kevin, was supposed to handle some business deals for Charlamagne who was considered one of his best friends at the time.

Charlamagne ended up deciding to go ahead and do the deal by himself, presumably leaving Kevin out on earnings he would’ve made had he been the one who finalised whatever deal the two were proposing at that time.

Soon after, another falling out came about, which Charlamagne didn’t want to go into detail with. Perhaps it was something similar to the first time when the radio DJ betrayed his friend’s trust, or maybe it was something more serious like a brawl.

Whatever the case may be, Kevin stopped talking to Charlamagne soon after that and Wendy soon followed. The New York radio DJ says he never had a falling out with Wendy but would understand that if her husband is not getting along with someone, she’d support her man by taking his side.

Well, that would then go on to explain why Wendy is now acting like she doesn’t know who Charlamagne is.

You really have to do your research to understand how close these two used to be. Had it not been for Wendy Wiliams’ radio show back during the mid 00s, Charlamagne may have not had the platform to be the outspoken radio personality he has become.

Williams considered Lenard as family — they were good friends, and a simple YouTube search of the two would bring up some stunning results, leading you to wonder how these two and their friendship quickly turned cold.