nina dobrev feud

Nina Dobrev is showing all kinds of emotions on the set of Vampire Diaries, and they’re all negative.


A new report alleges that Nina can’t stand having Ian Somerhalder bring along his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, because the actress feels like she’s a distraction when the two are filming scenes together.

Matter of fact, even when Nikki is overlooking a scene with Nina that Ian isn’t part of, Nina feels like Nikki is only there to make criticism and judge her on her performances. She’s clearly not happy about it because she’s demanded producers to make sure Nikki is taken care of.

And by ‘taken care’ of, Dobrev doesn’t want Reed on-set whether it’s a scene that she’s in by herself or when she’s filming with Ian Somerhalder. It’s annoying.

Nina Dobrev sorta-kinda makes a point here.

Your ex-boyfriend brings along his new girlfriend who Nina supposedly isn’t a huge fan of, and all she does is gaze over the performances from the two.

A source revealed. “Ian and Nikki’s relationship is causing a lot of drama, to the point where the producers have asked Ian not to bring Nikki to set when Nina is there because they are very worried about losing her.”

It’s even more awkward when you consider Nina’s relationship to Ian these days.

It’s non-existent.

Nina was also blamed for the recent attack from fans against Nikki Reed on Twitter which saw people send death threats to the ‘Twilight’ actress, holding her accountable for blocking the reconciliation between Ian and Nina.

It’s pretty pathetic and though Nina’s behaviour has been questionable in recent months, she has a right to make sure nothing distracts her while she’s getting into characters — especially not your’s ex’s girlfriend who is tagged along to the set for no apparent reason.

If I was Nina, I’d react the same way.

marley and me tv show nbc

First of all: WHY?

Why do this to us AGAIN? One time was more than enough tears. Yes, NBC is currently developing a sequel for Marley & Me, the saddest movie of 2008.

Marley & Me starred Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston and was adapted from the best-selling novel by John Grogan. It told the story of a family with regular problems and overcoming these obstacles while learning to love and live life to the fullest through their dog, Marley.

Now, I saw Marley & Me the week it came out, I was12 and let me tell you, I was not ready for that movie.

I still don’t think anyone can watch that movie without crying, really. The movie, as I’m sure everyone can guess, doesn’t have a happy ending when it comes to Marley.

At the end of the movie, the family is forced to say goodbye to their pet and friend and learn from him to move on but not to forget. (Yes, just the description is enough to make you cry.)

The sequel for Marley & Me is meant to be a series which is under development by 20th Century Fox TV is meant to pick up a few years after the family says goodbye to Marley, where they find a new family dog to be with them.

The writer for the film, Jenny Bricks, will be returning to help work on the series to help continue the life of the family and their new Marley.
Let me just share a bit about what I think now…Why?

Seriously, Why? Don’t misunderstand; I loved the movie, I’m a dog person and it was an amazing novel and film but I haven’t seen Marley & Me once since I saw it for the first time. Not once. That’s because I like to keep my eyes dry and my heart in one piece.

I at least hope that in this series, when it eventually ends, the new ‘Marley’ doesn’t leave the family.

I understand that in the movie, Marley’s death was meant to symbolize the growth of the family and teach them a valuable lesson about life but I don’t think anyone can handle another ending like the that, especially not after a whole series to grow attached to a new lovable Marley.

(I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch the sequel because let’s face it, us humans enjoy this kind of pain that we bring about ourselves.)

There has been no mention of a release date but we’ll be hearing more soon…prepare yourselves.

batman vs superman man of steel ben affleck

The next big DC Comics film, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is meant to be released in 2016.

A few rumors have been going around the media about a construction set somewhere in the desert, a few details about Robin being in the movie and – oh, yeah, he’s a woman now!

You read that correctly; a woman. Spoilers for the movie starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman are being leaked by an anonymous extra working on set.

A few months ago, details of other characters that would appear in the film were also being spread; characters such as Aquaman and Wonder Woman, along with the actors that would portray them. However, none were as big as this latest rise in information.

Robin, Batman’s young sidekick, originally a male in the comics and television programs released by DC Comics, is now going to be a female in the upcoming film. This wasn’t the only information that was leaked.

Oh no, sir; whoever leaked the fact that Robin is now high on girl power also released which actress will be Robin: Jena Malone.

The Catching Fire actress is rumored to have been seen on set. I for one, see a lot of good feedback on this casting, very much unlike when the news that Christian Bale wouldn’t be portraying Batman but the role was instead being taken up by Ben Affleck.

(I’m sure we all remember that, it was on twitter for days!) The response to the news of Robin having a sex change has been accepted decently by fans.

It can be expected that there would be some retaliators but generally, everyone’s okay since Jena Malone is the choice to do so.

This came at a cost though. The extra on set is now facing a $5 million dollar fine from Warner Bros. for breaking the confidentiality agreement and leaking these spoilers to WILX-10 News. Yikes!

That’s a huge fine.

The news channel promised to keep the identity of the leaker anonymous and after that, more information of the movie was obtained.

It included mentioning of seeing Jena Malone already filming action scenes on set in Detroit, Michigan and a fight scene between Lex Luthor, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, and Batman, Affleck where the military would be involved.

So far, the leaker’s identity is still to be found out. Poor guy; that’s a pretty big fine but thanks for the information!

zayn malik solo album

One Direction’s Zayn Malik could potentially leave the band to focus on his solo album which is reportedly already in the works.

The 1D member is said to be in talks to release his debut album, away from the group, as he slowly but surely makes his distance from One Direction as a whole.

Sources confirm that Zayn has been recording material in the studio without his One Direction members while singer-songwriter, Labrinth, has dished on how he’s prepping to work on Malik’s songs in the following months.

One insider revealed: “Fans are fearing Zayn – who is engaged to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards – could be about to leave the band after it emerged he’s going to work on new material with Labrinth as a separate side project.”

Labrinth recently shared: “I’m going to do something with Zayn. We’re going to make a soulful record 100 percent.”

One Direction fans should definitely worried because Labrinth confirming the story just adds more credibility in the article on how Zayn wants to go solo.

What isn’t stated though is whether his debut album will be released while the group take a hiatus following their world tour.

Should the album be a hit once it gets released, I’m sure Zayn will distance himself from the band for good.

The source continued: “Although that sounds like an exciting prospect, it’s sure to have the band’s hardcore fan base wincing – will he have time to work with the Beneath Your Beautiful singer and continue his hectic schedule of recording and touring with One Direction?”

Could Zayn become the next Justin Timberlake?

shonda rhimes htgawm gay scene shonda rhimes

Shonda Rhimes blasted certain Twitter users last night for questioning her on why she chooses to show frequent ‘gay sex’ scenes in her shows.

How To Get Away With Murder has become one of the biggest TV shows on television right now, but many people are outraged by the fact that almost every episode has featured at least one gay sex scene, which fans say bring absolutely no connection to the stories.

I happen to disagree with that for the case of HTGAWM.

But fans of Scandal are saying the same — reportedly spamming Shonda’s Twitter timeline with hateful comments on how she should change up the scripts and stop promoting equality.

How ridiculous.

Well, Shonda saw the comments that were made and literally shaded all of the haters with two tweets that were so powerful, the ones who slammed her for focusing on equality must’ve felt some type of way about her somewhat harsh reply.

There is no point and they add nothing to the plot,” one user wrote, to which Shonda responded to, saying: There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them.”

“If you are suddenly discovering that Shondaland shows have scenes involving people who are gay, you are LATE TO THE PARTY. If u use the phrase ‘gay scenes,’ u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE”

Shonda Rhimes just served all kinds of shade with just this particular tweet alone.

At the end of the day, she has three shows that air on ABC every Thursday — she decides what gets shown and what doesn’t. She’s really just saying that if you’re not happy with the content and storyline she produces, don’t watch.

A lot of people come to the show creator’s defense, saying that they see “no difference” in seeing a same sex couple performing a sexual act on one another as when they see a straight couple do it.

Do you think the sex scenes are too much in HTGAWM?

mariah carey nick cannon divorce tour

Mariah Carey is seriously affected by her divorce to Nick Cannon as she continues to struggle during her world tour.

The singer, who hit some shockingly bad notes last week at the opening of her tour – The Elusive Chanteuse – it was evident that there was something wrong with Mariah. And this time it wasn’t on her behalf.

Or was it?

Nobody really knows whether Mariah cheated on Nick during their marriage, but I’m going to give her the benefit of doubt because she’s a “classy diva, darling” and doesn’t seem like one of those stars to step out of her marriage, knowing she has two children at home.

Nick, on the other hand, is a player.

Having constantly boasted on sleeping with Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger and Christina Milian, the ‘America’s Got Talent’ doesn’t find shame in admitting he used to be a manwhore in his younger days.

The streets have been talking, and so has TMZ, who allege that there may be something going on between Nick and newly-divorced, Amber Rose.

Amber split from Wiz Khalifa who she accused of cheating during their marriage.

Well, that’s funny and ironic at the same time because sources are snitching, alleging that Amber was hooking up with Nick while Cannon was still with Mariah.

So this brings us back to Mariah Carey and how awful she’s been sounding during concerts. Hitting certain notes is out of her range — not because she can’t do it, but because she’s dealing with the stress of being a single mother of two while being reminded that her cheating husband is still hooking up with the woman he cheated on her with.

We’ll say “alleged” because Nick hasn’t come forward yet to admit he cheated on Amber, though it’s becoming evidently clear that he’s been smushing Amber’s tush in.

Cute phrasing right?

Globe magazine adds: “Mariah Carey is all washed up! That’s what fans are saying after the diva forgot lyrics, struggled to hit her famous high notes, and couldn’t seem to carry a tune during a recent concert kicking off her world tour.”

The insider continued: “While performing ‘We Belong Together,”’she grappled with a broken mic stand and a weak voice until she said ‘Wait a minute I can’t go on.’”

Let’s hope this doesn’t end up putting Mariah in one of her depressions again.

Hardcore Mariah fans, you know what I’m referring to.


joseline hernandez pregnant stevie j

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are reportedly faking their “pregnancy” news in hopes to hype up their names for their forthcoming spin-off reality show.

It was recently revealed via certain outlets that Joseline and Stevie had signed a deal with Love & Hip Hop exec Mona-Scott Young following the brawl at the reunion show that left many cast members uncomfortable to work with the duo.

Well, Mona came up with a quick plan.

She presumably thought a spin-off show for the most-talked about characters on the show would be a good move in order to branch out and dominate even more hours on Vh1.

Whatever the situation may be over with Mona, a source familiar with Joseline and Stevie has confirmed that Hernandez is not pregnant.

The source states that the story emerging a week ago was simply put out to the media to hype their reality show. Another insider added that the alleged ‘married’ couple are still planning to be part of the LHH franchise but are in need for a solid storyline for their own show.

“A source close to reality TV stars Joseline “Jose” Hernandez and Stevie J reached out to SandraRose this morning to say Joseline is not pregnant.The source said Joseline, Stevie J, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta producer Mona Scott-Young manufactured the pregnancy hoax to keep the reality stars relevant.”

It’s like season 1 all over again with the pregnancy stuff, right? Joseline supposedly carried her previous baby to Stevie J during season 1 of LHH: Atlanta back in 2012, but opted for an abortion after being convinced by her husband who didn’t think it was the right time.

Now that they’ve been making quite a lot of money through reality television and club appearances, you’d think this would be an ideal time for them to start a family.

… but then you check up on Stevie J’s finances and what he’s currently owing the IRS and his baby mamas, and you understand why the former music mogul is in desperate need for cash.

Hence why he’s going to the extreme to fetch a good storyline to pull in the ratings.

A spin-off show for the two is going to be boring, nonetheless.

We’re going see Joseline in the studio, working on music that nobody cares about — nor will anyone buy it. Stevie rubbing his hands and tightening his lips is getting old real quick, and this fake pregnancy storyline is just the icing on the cake for me not to tune in.

christian bale steve jobs

A little over a year ago, a film dedicated to remembering the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was made and released.

Jobs was portrayed by actor Ashton Kutcher but now there seems to be talks circulating of Christian Bale, best known for being Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy, being chosen to star in the new Steve Jobs bio-pic.

Why is there going to be another Jobs related film, you ask? Well, there was a biography written and now it needs to be adapted, simple as that.

They could have waited at least two and a half years before releasing another Jobs related project but hey, Christian Bale is in it. There had even been talks of Leonardo DiCaprio taking on the role but apparently, he turned it down as he wants to take a break from acting.

The author of the Steve Jobs biography, Aaron Sorkin, is going to work alongside Scott Rudin, Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady to bring about the Sony produced bio-pic. Sorkin, while speaking to The Daily Beast about this new film stated that the bio-pic will cover the three main stages of the Apple co-founder’s business life.

These three stages will be seen as back stage scenes before all of the most anticipated product launches of the Mac, NeXT and last but not least, the iPod.

Now we’re up to the MacBook, the iPad Air and the iPhone 6, look how far his work has come and it’s definitely worth showing off in the big screen again.

It does seem a bit rushed and somewhat impatient to try and release another Jobs movie but this could be to make up for the previous one. The 2013 film received less than a 6 out of 10 star rating and didn’t pull in as much as was expected into its box office.
One way to make up for it, get Batman to star in it.

gwyneth paltrow feud jennifer lawrence chris martin dating

Gwyneth Paltrow is NOT happy that her ex-husband, Chris Martin, is seeing Jennifer Lawrence.

She’s so mad about it that she is refusing to have their children, Apple and Moses, anywhere near the Hollywood actress.

Gwyneth is a drama queen. At least it seems that way.

Sources say she’s not giving Chris permission to have the kids around Jennifer whenever she comes over his home because she’s not comfortable with her children being around Chris’ new woman.

It is believed that Apple and Moses have seen Jennifer at Chris’ home in the past and everybody got along great, but when Gwyneth found out, she was fuming! Almost as if Jennifer was the worst person in the world.

Well, she kinda stole her husband, so that could be Gwyneth’s reasoning.

Let’s not forget that it wasn’t Gwyneth who filed the divorce papers. Numerous reports stated that Chris wanted to pull the plug on the marriage seeing that he had supposedly been unhappy for some time.

Via the National Enquirer, Paltrow is believed to have called Jennifer Lawrence to tell her that “she couldn’t stop her from seeing Chris, but Apple and Moses were off-limits!”

“She absolutely does not want any of Jen’s personal items left behind at Chris’ house, that the kids might come across.”

An insider for the tabloid mag goes on to insinuate that Apple and Moses have seen more than just Jennifer’s personal items — the two youngsters may have even seen Lawrence “undressed”.

“She’s upset with the thought that they may have seen J-Law undressed.”

Seeing your father’s new girlfriend nude is a little disturbing for the fact that these are young kids who’ve just been introduced to this new woman they’ll be seeing quite often.

Seeing somebody nude at that age is disturbing in itself.

But of course this is all coming from Gwyneth Paltrow’s delusional mind, thinking that Jenner would be that reckless to expose herself naked to Chris’ children. Why would she do something like that?

Gwyneth, move on already!

amber rose kim kardashian booty

Amber Rose is doing everything in her power to try and win back her ex-boyfriend, Kanye West, with these new photos she posted on her Instagram page.

The socialite, who recently filed for divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa, is said to be “desperately” hoping that she can once again reconcile with Kim Kardashian’s husband, following their split back in 2010.

Amber posted a racy pic of herself on Instagram that very much resembles a photo Kim took a year ago to reveal her post-baby body.

Rose is said to be sending up these sexy pics in hopes that they’ll somehow get noticed by Kanye West whose phone number she recently acquired through one of their mutual friends.

It’s unclear whether these two have spoken to one another but the pictures would certainly say so.


Well, Amber was very vocal about her split from Kanye West and why she decided to call time on their romance. She mentioned in a magazine that her break-up was caused through Kim who was secretly sleeping with her man at the time.

Should that have been the case — we have no reason to doubt Amber’s comments — then one could assume that Kanye is now secretly hooking up with his ex behind Kim’s back.

Think about it. Kanye is rarely seen out in public with Kim. He claims the couple live together but whenever Kanye is out and about, it’s usually in another country — far away from his wife, their child and that crazy family.

With all that free time, there’s no doubt in our minds Kanye would find time to sleep around with different women.

Noting that Amber was the one who ended the romance, ‘Yeezus’ may still have feelings for her seeing that he may not have wanted them to break up.

Kim Kardashian is soon going to learn what the true definition of ‘karma’ is. She’s going to be livid once the report is finally confirmed — we’re counting down the days.