nicki minaj safaree split

Nicki Minaj has dropped her ‘beau’ of 14 years because of his jealous ways.

According to sources Nicki has always felt that her boyfriend Safaree wanted to be a star as bad as she was.

Minaj figures that there is only room for ONE star and that indeed is herself! Safaree  is known for his temper and has been seen with the superstar countless times but who knew they were that bad off?

Sources claim that Nicki and Safaree had a understanding that he would be her hype man while she made the big bucks ! Safaree must have hated that plan all along because why now does he feel the need to be outrageously jealous?

Sources claim Safaree has had all of his Nicki tattoos covered up now. Is it that serious?

Every woman  knows that no REAL man wants to be living off his girlfriend’s riches. I’m pretty sure he was getting an excellent peice of the pie though. I mean it is Nicki Minaj!

After 14 years why leave now though Nicki? Maybe she has always felt the need that he wanted her stardom and was finally fed up! I wonder how Wayne feels about this..

Now we all love the oh so talented Nicki Minaj ( well some of us ) but I’m pretty sure we could understand her decision on letting him go. Who wants a ball hog on their team?

interstellar movie

Just know, the movie hasn’t premiered yet but almost all opening nights are completely sold out.

Only three weeks away from the world premiere of one of the most awaited space adventure movies, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, the box office has already pulled in more than $50 million in ticket sales for ‘Interstellar’.

Interstellar is not based on a best-selling novel, there is no prequel; Interstellar is a completely original concept from the deep corners of Nolan’s mind.

The fact that the plot of the film still remains a mystery and only minor details are given in the trailer released for the simple act of advertising, it can be said that all the secrecy is to thank for this million dollar pre-release bonus.

Christopher Nolan, producer/director of other movies that have managed to gain pre-release box office bonuses like the one for upcoming ‘Interstellar’ such as ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, has become widespread.

Interstellar is opening on the same week as Big Hero 6 and is in competition for the largest box office as Disney’s new animated film is grabbing a lot of attention.

It is expected that Interstellar’s box office gains will increase once the world premiere takes place as movie reviews and word of mouth will start going around and more persons get a chance to see it in theaters.

The ticket sales for the upcoming space adventure have already sold out throughout the opening night weekend; it’s gotten to the point where it has been reported that 3:00am and 3:30am showings of the movie are being added in respective theaters across the country.

If you thought that was crazy, some are actually having Tuesday midnight showings and 8am Wednesday showings; 8am!!

Not to mention, the movie was filmed, well, on film! No digital cameras, ladies and gentlemen. Special screening conditions have had to be taken up by theaters planning on showing the film all around just to accommodate this feature of the movie and have the best view possible for the persons dying to watch this movie.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a ticket for the opening week; can’t wait to see this movie. A space related movie with no hints for the plot in the trailer whatsoever? And Matthew McConaughey is in it? I’m sold.

beyonce malfunction jay-z

Everyone knows how rumors have been going around that the couple was having rough times and was maybe even getting a divorce? Well, there’s no better way to stop the rumors than to renew your vows and, oh yeah- look for a new house near the Eiffel Tower.

Inside sources have stated that the couple was having some issues but have now worked it out and have actually renewed their vows. When you’re a power couple made up of Beyonce and Jay Z, you look for houses in ‘Millionaire’s Row’ and next to Elysee Palace.

Although confirmation on what their choice in house hunting will be, we can be sure it will be elegant and extravagant.

Why Paris? Well, why not? It’s not the first time the couple has expressed their love for the city of romance. Jay Z had mentioned to their audience at one of the last shows at the On the Run stadium tour this September that they love Paris because it’s where they got engaged and, quote-on-quote, “It’s where Blue Ivy was conceived.” Enough reasons.

What might have caused all this split related rumors though? I’m sure everyone remembers the video of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, hitting, kicking and possibly scratching Jay Z in an elevator. Maybe that had something to do with it, maybe it didn’t.

Commentary from the couple about the incident was never given but hey, it’s passed and the couple is once again, on stable ground.

Sources have released that the couple decided to work out their issues for the sake of their daughter, Blue Ivy, as well for the sake of their fans and their reputations. Of course, none of us wanted to see Queen B go through something like a divorce.

For all the fans, the couple has stated that they will be collaborating once again on a new album, more information will be released in time.

natalie emmanuel cast

Emmanuel, known for appearing in Game of Thrones has been added to the cast for The Scorch Trials, the sequel to the highly successful film adapted from the first book of a trilogy, The Maze Runner.

From the first movie, it is confirmed that Dylan O’Brien and Will Poulter will be returning for the sequel, as to the other actors’ return, no information has been given yet.

Filming for the sequel will start in November and director Wes Ball will return to produce the film.

Other casting information has also been released, including details about how other Game of Thrones co-stars will be joining Emmanuel on The Scorch Trials set very soon. Actors such as Aidan Gillen, Rosa Salazar and Giancarlo Esposito have joined the Runner team.

Regarding Nathalie Emmanuel’s role, information on her character has been shared; Emmanuel will be portraying Harriet, the leader of escapees from another maze also set by the same creators that entrapped Thomas’ (O’Brien’s) group and she is their leader.

Harriet’s character is also meant to be present in the third film, adapting the final book in the series.
Besides her now known joint into the Runner team, she will also appear in the much anticipated Fast & Furious 7 film which will, hopefully, be released soon to calm all the fans.

The sequel to The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, is due to be released in September 2015.

tyga black chyna love

Uh Oh! We have all been following the latest  hottest new couple Tyga and Kylie but what’s going on between Tyga and Chyna?

Well according to sources Blac Chyna has been throwing subliminal messages through her Instagram account stating that her and Tyga are still seeing each other.  Whether it is true or not is debatable.

Kylie and Tyga we all know should not even be together because of the huge age difference but that is not stopping the couple from publicly broadcasting their new ‘fling’.

Tyga already has the teen allegedly moving in with him.

That is not all because Black Chyna misses her other half.

But if that is the case, why break up in the first place? Sources say Chyna and Kim K are BFF’s which is weird to have your little sister dating your best friend’s baby daddy. Uh oh!

It is no suprise that the Kardashians get around so maybe Chyna is not suprised! Well, she is making it clear that she wants her old beau back! Distracting his fans from Kylie may be apart of her mischievous plan to get one of Young Money’s hottest rappers back and get her family back together.

Kylie may have some competition. Who knows but Chyna is coming and is coming hard! Watch out Kylie.

daniele watts sexual act

Last month, the ‘Django Unchained’ actress, Daniele Watts, was accosted by a police officer when an anonymous person called the police, complaining about inappropriate behavior. Now, she is being charged for lewd conduct.

Let’s recap what happened a month ago, the actress was out with her husband, Brian Lucas and were simply showing signs of affection, small things such as kissing. It’s also important to mention that they weren’t in plain view, they were in their car.

Someone complained to the police of indecent exposure in public and Watts was approached by a police officer and was even mistaken for a prostitute.

On the day of the incident, Watts took her case to the media and posted on her Facebook page the following: “Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.”

About a month later, now, it was written in an L.A. Times article that the couple has been charged for inappropriate behavior in public and could serve 6 months in jail and face a fine of $1,000 if convicted. The actress and her husband took it upon themselves to express their thoughts to the newspaper and ensured that they thought the court was not only being racist but bias as well.

“Would someone have called the police if it had been a white couple? Would the sergeant have been so zealous in ‘investigating’ what was clearly not a crime? Does bias have something to do with how and why Brian and I have been stopped this year? I think it probably does” Watts told the L.A. Times when asked about how she felt towards the case.

Seen from other persons point of view, such as the friends and fans of the couple as well as the public and media, it does seem bias and racist and she does have a point; it’s not only wrong, it’s unfair because there have been much other worse public exposures.

No other information has been released regarding the case or the outcome but public and media have shown their support towards the ‘Django Unchained’ actress and hopefully, the wrong will be righted.

back to the future orchestra

In 2015, Back to the Future, the film that made time travelling cars cool, will be celebrating 30 years since it first went on the big screen.

Next year, it will do so again but this time with more emphasized background music. There’s some fancy, theater-music stuff is in store for this film’s celebration.

The plan is to edit out the soundtrack of the film, so that it can be shown on screen without the scores and songs, originally written by Alan Silvestri, and instead have an orchestra perform the score live.

The 21st Century Orchestra will be conducting a special performance for the world premiere in Lucerne, Switzerland. The anniversary celebration for ‘Back to the Future’ is being organized by IMG Artists and the Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency, the same agency that also organized live orchestra performances for other classical film celebrations such as ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Star Trek.’

It’s expected that other venues will ask the agency to book the re-release of the film and have musicians perform during shows of the film.

If you weren’t excited before, there’s still more that will go into this celebration. For the performances that will be conducted by the live orchestras all over, Silvestri has stated that he is working on 15 more minutes of the soundtrack to be added during the premieres of the film.

And, yes, there’s still a bit more information, there have also been talks of a musical dedicated to the classical time travelling film, meant to hit the London Stages soon.

Silvestri, Robert Zemeckis and Jamie Lloyd, the screenwriters for the film, the director, Bob Gale and songwriter Glen Ballard are coming together once again to put together a musical to capture all of the film and shape it into an act to be performed on live stages.

Pretty exciting stuff for a film that’s a bit old, right? I should now, the film’s 11 years older than I am but I’m still looking forward to this celebration because we’ve all seen this movie more than once.

The re-release and the 30th Anniversary celebration performances are meant to take place in late May of next year.

the hunger games mockingjay trailer

The first part of the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy is premiering on November 21st and a new trailer has been released.

The trailer shows faces we’ve all come to know and love, Katniss, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, Peeta, Josh Hutcherson and Gale, Liam Hemsworth, as well as other characters like Haymitch and Effie.

In the latest Mockingjay trailer, we see Katniss and Gale prepping for the revolution, a movement started by J-Law’s character when she first entered the arena with Peeta and rebelled against the rule that there could only be one victor.

In the trailer, we see the return of Hutcherson’s character as he appears on screen, broadcasted from The Capitol and telling everyone to lower their weapons and stop the revolution.

Doesn’t sound like Peeta, right? Well, you only have to wait a few more days to find out why if you haven’t read the book. Since I’m a bookworm and I read it last year, let me just say, it’s the most climatic book in the series.

There’s suspense, terror, humor and war going on and every character is on edge. What makes the book adaption into film even better? The perfect cast chosen to show us all of these emotions through impeccable acting skills.
The soundtrack listing has also been released, including artists from the previous soundtrack for Catching Fire such as Lorde and introducing new artists to the soundtrack like Tove Lo and Tinashe. Only one of the track’s information is yet to be released but the soundtrack is already available for pre-order. The official release will be 4 days before the world premiere of the movie, on November 17th.
The soundtrack, courtesy of the listing on iTunes, is found below:
1. ‘Meltdown’ – Stromae ft. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & Haim
2. ‘Dead Air’ – CHVRCHES
3. ‘Scream My Name’ – Tove Lo
4. ‘Kingdom’ – Charli XCX ft. Simon Le Bon
5. (Track information to be released)
6. ‘Lost Souls’ – Raury
7. ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ – Lorde
8. ‘The Leap’ – Tinashe
9. ‘Plan the Escape (Son Lux Cover)’ – Bat for Lashes
10. ‘Original Beast’ – Grace Jones
11. ‘Flicker (Kanye West Rework)’ – Lorde
12. ‘Animal’ – XOV
13. ‘This is Not A Game’ – The Chemical Brothers ft. Miguel
14. ‘Ladder Song’ – Lorde
A lot of Lorde songs, huh? It’s all good though, she’s proven she’s good at what she does. Who else is as excited as me about Mockingjay Part 1?

the 5th wave film

Starring in the film adaption of the best-selling novel by Rick Yancey, Chloe Grace Moretz, 17, is soon to be the next big sci-fi film series heroine.

She was spotted on set in Atlanta, Georgia for the first day of filming, confirmed by her tweet earlier that day: “Today was an amazing first day of filming on @5thwavemovie !! Went so well, :) #CassieSullivan is real!”
As you can guess from reading her tweet, Moretz will be portraying the main character of the book series, Cassie Sullivan. The film, directed by J Blakeson, is set to follow the soon to be complete book trilogy since the second book was only just published on September 26th this year.
That’s right, the series isn’t even done yet and it’s already being adapted; that’s how good it is! Trust me, I’ve read the first book and am dying to read the next, just need to get my hands on it.

The story circulates around Cassie, portrayed by Moretz, a 16-year-old who tries to survive in a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion that has already decimated the population and knocked mankind back to the Stone Age.

Chloe, best known for her role as Hitgirl in the Kick-Ass movies has already been seen in character on set, wearing a chic navy and grey school uniform, along with her co-star, Gabriela Lopez. If only school uniforms were always that cute.

Moretz has become a sort of young queen in Hollywood; acting from a young age, she’s already had a lifetime of experience. She’s a great actress and it’s a bonus that she doesn’t limit herself at all to new roles.

She went from butt-kicking super heroine to telekinetic Prom crasher, to prostitute and in her latest project, to alien fighting high-schooler. (These are all references to some of her most popular roles; Hitgirl from Kick-Ass, Carrie, her role in The Equalizer and Cassie Sullivan in The 5TH Wave.)

Not much detail is known about how the adaption of the first book in the series is going since filming has only just begun. Only details of the cast and the directors have been released and knowledge that The 5th Wave is meant to be released in two years.

Being a bookworm myself, I can definitely say that it is an epic story; sci-fi, action, hilarious characters and suspenseful chapters and not to mention, ALIENS! Even though the movie isn’t due until January 29th, 2016, I totally recommend watching it.

nina dobrev feud

Nina Dobrev is showing all kinds of emotions on the set of Vampire Diaries, and they’re all negative.


A new report alleges that Nina can’t stand having Ian Somerhalder bring along his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, because the actress feels like she’s a distraction when the two are filming scenes together.

Matter of fact, even when Nikki is overlooking a scene with Nina that Ian isn’t part of, Nina feels like Nikki is only there to make criticism and judge her on her performances. She’s clearly not happy about it because she’s demanded producers to make sure Nikki is taken care of.

And by ‘taken care’ of, Dobrev doesn’t want Reed on-set whether it’s a scene that she’s in by herself or when she’s filming with Ian Somerhalder. It’s annoying.

Nina Dobrev sorta-kinda makes a point here.

Your ex-boyfriend brings along his new girlfriend who Nina supposedly isn’t a huge fan of, and all she does is gaze over the performances from the two.

A source revealed. “Ian and Nikki’s relationship is causing a lot of drama, to the point where the producers have asked Ian not to bring Nikki to set when Nina is there because they are very worried about losing her.”

It’s even more awkward when you consider Nina’s relationship to Ian these days.

It’s non-existent.

Nina was also blamed for the recent attack from fans against Nikki Reed on Twitter which saw people send death threats to the ‘Twilight’ actress, holding her accountable for blocking the reconciliation between Ian and Nina.

It’s pretty pathetic and though Nina’s behaviour has been questionable in recent months, she has a right to make sure nothing distracts her while she’s getting into characters — especially not your’s ex’s girlfriend who is tagged along to the set for no apparent reason.

If I was Nina, I’d react the same way.