Benedict Cumberbatch’s three-word stories game with Jimmy Fallon last night turned out to be rather challenging for the two when the word ‘Booty’ became the mystery word.

Benedict and Jimmy were playing the game that simply consisted of one finding out the ‘mystery word’ through three words that are so-to-say hints for the other person to guess what the main word might be.

And though in the beginning the two started off quite well, ‘Booty’ changed the game up completely. The words went from making money to Kim Kardashian’s butt making Kanye money — but Jimmy still struggled to get the ‘booty’ word out of his mouth.

Though, we must say the hints that Benedict was giving were enough to make anyone realize what he was talking about.

After two minutes, Jimmy eventually caught up with what the whole laughter was about — the fact that him and Benedict had discussed ‘butt’ for the entire time but Jimmy still couldn’t say the word ‘booty’ made the game fun to watch.


Having had the movie ‘Unbroken’ in production for over a year, before finally getting the post-production treatment before its worldwide release, Angelina Jolie reveals the journey of creating this movie was very emotional for her.

The story in the film is based on a real story — which, undoubtedly, can always be seen as a struggle when wanting to portray something or someone in the exact way they were known.

Jolie talks the draining work it took to make this project, further explaining the story: “They say you should never meet your heroes, because they often disappoint you. But Louis really was one of the greatest people ever.”

Knowing that Angelina put her all into the movie, her work is not going unnoticed seeing that she’s already up for the Oscars buzz — critics firmly believe ‘Unbroken’ stands the chance for several Oscar nominations next year. It’s so-to-say Angelina’s biggest directorial film.

Variety goes on to add that Angelina took risks with this movie too. Instead of hiring popular actors and placing them in her movie, the actress took a different approach and had new actors fit the role of certain characters she was looking for.

On how the project came around to Angelina is quite a funny story. The outlet reveals that several directors had been hired to direct the film following several different script changes.

After two different scripts and two directors bailing on the idea of making the film, Angie was quick to jump on when she was approached: “There’s so much going on in the world today that could make you lose hope,” she says. “The movie follows the story of a woman caught in difficult circumstances, who has to persevere; that’s very synonymous with Louis Zamperini’s story.”

“To read about somebody who had something inspirational and positive — it was fulfilling. I wanted to be close to his story. I wanted to go on this journey and become a better person.”

Majority of ‘Unbroken’ was shot in Australia.

taylor swift 1989

I, among many others, have been waiting for this album.

It’s always interesting when an artist changes the genre of music that they’re going to produce.

Moving from country to pop sure is an expected twist for Taylor Swift, I’m sure everyone saw it coming once she started straightening her gold locks. Other than the main single released to celebrate the new pop side of Swift, ‘Shake it Off,’ the entire album consists of 16 different songs.

‘Welcome to New York’ is a good start to the album because it sounds like a common pop song, the song is just there to say “Pop album; no more country.” Not to mention that it’s about New York, the city on which blondie claimed most of the songs on the new album were inspired by.

‘Blank Space’ is one of the best songs on the album because it has a hypnotizing beat, paired with the usual Taylor lyrics about meeting a special stranger.
‘Style’ is one of the ‘okay’ songs on the album.

The song does have good lyrics and constant melody but I feel like the change between the chorus and the main versus is too predictable.

‘Out of The Woods’ was the second single to be released from the album and when I first heard it, I thought it was meant to be the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, ‘Into the Woods,’ even though the titles contradict.

It’s silly but it’s really sticky; you just repeat the same line for the whole chorus but because it has such a nice back beat, you have to like it.

‘All You Had to Do Was Stay’ is my least favorite song. I’m not really sure as to why but it’s just not that great of a song. It’s not the beat but it does get boring after a while.

‘Shake it Off’ is another one of the best songs; it was the first single from the album to be released and it showed a great side of Taylor dealing with persons that criticize her and how she ‘shakes’ it off and doesn’t let it get to her. That and a super upbeat, catchy song.

‘I Wish You Would’ reminds me an awful lot of ‘Forever’ by HAIM. It has a similar back rhythm to the other song and the only thing that separates the two is the lyrics. I do like both songs; however, ‘Forever’ has a longer time on my iPod than ‘I Wish You Would’ so my preference to HAIM.

‘Bad Blood’ seems like a shot at Indie Pop mixed with a very mild attempt at folk type lyrics. Not one of my favorites.

‘Wildest Dreams’ is easily one of the best, if not, THE best song on the album; it has such a ‘Lana del Rey’ vibe to it. Slow tune, bitter sweet lyrics, soft notes; yes.
‘How You Get the Girl’ is one of those extremely cheesy songs that you can’t help but like for some reason…yeah.

‘This Love’ is just a tad bit too soft. It doesn’t give off a romantic song feeling to it as much as it’s intended to.

‘I Know Places’ seems like it’s based off of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane to me; it’s one of my favorite songs by him. Taylor’s song however, is not exactly up to that, again, because it’s still new to me but it’s a good song.

‘Clean’ is a song that really speaks from within, after getting over a hard relationship but it does so in such a sweet and gentle rhythm that it’s soothing.
‘Wonderland’ sounds like it was written by Avril Lavigne, really; Catchy but irritating after a while.

‘You R In Love’ is cheesy but not good cheesy. It’s too slow, too repetitive and a little bit dull despite the romantic intention behind it.

‘New Romantics’ is the last song on the album and here where it picks up the pace again after a series of slow and soft songs. This is a good pop song and it’s a great way to end her genre switch debut album.

Overall, it’s a good album; really good for her first pop album. In general: 3/5 stars.

kylie jenner instagram

Uh OH, yet another Kardashian makes headlines this week. Kylie Jenner has her fans raving about her sexy photo that was posted to Instagram this week.

According to sources Kylie Jenner is becoming more sexy like her sisters but why so early? Well, you can not blame the girl — look who her role models are.

A lot, of people have been talking for some time about the frisky teen because well lets admit it she just does not act her age AT ALL. First, her 24-year old boyfriend and now the Instagram picture revealing her boobs!

It seems to me that Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mom, does not disapprove the behavior either. Although if you watch the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” you can pretty much tell that Kris does not lay too many strict rules on the girls.

I mean come on, why would she? They are her cash cows! Especially Kim.

Kylie’s photo not only reveals cleavage but it also looks like the to grown teen may have had a boob job done. Maybe that was her way of flaunting it off. Not a good look Kylie.

Although we all love the Kardashians they tend to get out of hand and they always end up front cover of every magazine.

Maybe they will all learn to settle down and Kylie will act her age. But, Kris has some great amount of work to do before that change comes.

taylor swift 1989

Have you ever realized how huge the Taylor Swift fan base really is?

Let’s not cause an drama with them because so far, the Swift fans have been lashing out at anyone who admits they’ve listened to the album early. That’s right, 1989 has been leaked.

Just a few days before the release of the anticipated, genre-transfer, hyper pop album by Taylor Swift, someone has grabbed and leaked not only the normal edition of the album but also the special Target edition which includes 6 more tracks.

Hackers managed to get their sticky hands on this deluxe edition but they had to mess up somewhere.

Anyone who downloads from certain sites will find that some of the track names aren’t correct. The original leak has some tracks titled as ‘piste’ which is the French word for track.

This is a hint that the first leak came from someone French or in France, probably.

After the leak, the first song to be up on YouTube was ‘Blank Space,’ the song featured in the Target add that caught lots of attention all over.

There is currently one known link that requires a password to get the full leaked album with accurate track information on a Tumblr page.

Taylor Swift fans sure aren’t happy about the hacking and leaking of the album that blondie was so excited to reveal to her friends and fans on Monday; it came out Monday, guys! Could you not wait a few more days?

And it’s illegal too!

Swifties have committed themselves to not listen to the early release of the full album and are supporting Taylor, waiting for the official release (especially because most probably pre-ordered it and already paid.)

If you’ve chosen to be one of the people to get the leaked album, better off not stating that you did because the blondie’s followers are quick to respond to these posts on social media; watch out!

lamar odom khloe kardashian divorce

Lamar Odom is not signing the divorce papers to Khloe Kardashian.

How long has this Kardashian Odom divorce drama been going on?

Too long!

Even though Khloe Kardashian filed for a divorce on Dec 13th last year- the case is far from being over. At least, the couple has split since.

People magazine has found out that the reason this divorce is taking so long is due to the former Lakers basketball player, Lamar Odom.

Sources say that Odom is refusing to sign the papers to finish the divorce and is making it hard for Khloe to move on, also, childishly claiming that he can’t sign the papers because he hasn’t responded to her filing of the divorce. C’mon, dude!

A source close to Kardashian has spoken out about his irrational behavior towards the situation, stating: “He needs to sign papers and he won’t. He disappears here and there, and she can’t find him. She just wants to move on.”

Probably getting very irritated, persons have recommended to the Kardashian to file for a Request to Enter a Default, where she can complete the divorce without needing Odom’s participation since cancelling the divorce filing isn’t an option.

Well, no one would expect it to be anyway. After openly admitting that the former player had cheated on her in an episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and dating someone else since the couple split, it seems clear that Khloe is ready to move past this phase in her life.

There has been news going around that Odom has no intention of signing the papers and has not been seen or heard from by anyone in weeks. Why make it so difficult?

There’s no chance for reconciliation; just get it over with and let Khloe live her life in peace.

And Khloe, put in a request to Enter a Default.

grammy award statuette

The nominees for the 2015 Grammy Awards will be announced on Dec 5thmorning, except for the coveted album of the year.

These nominees will be announced later on in the day, during the airing of “A Very Grammy Christmas” on CBS at 9pm.

A televised concert will be launched again, similar to how it was done for the 2008 Grammys according to Neil Portnow, the CEO.

“We’re freshening up, changing this up a little bit and the kickoff for Grammy season will still be getting our nominations out that day, albeit a little differently,” Portnow said. This will include performances from big-hat Pharrell Williams and pony-tailed Ariana Grande.

The Christmas special will be recorded in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on November 18th and will be hosted by LL Cool J.

Other artists and bands such as Maroon 5, Tim McGraw and others yet to be announced will also partake in the special. The coveted album of the year award nominees will be announced at the end of the Christmas special.

During the special, we will see all of the above mentioned artists and those that are still to be announced speak about their favorite holidays, favorite Grammy moments and about their music, including, of course, their holiday hits.

All of the performers are Grammy winners except for Grande, who marked a breakthrough this year with a string of hits, including “Problem” and “Break Free” in which she collaborated with producer Anton Zaslavski.

“If you ask any musical artist what their best Christmas gift would be, maybe eight out of 10 of them would say a Grammy nomination,” Ehrlich said. Well, what artist wouldn’t, right?

Who do you think will be included in the coveted album of the year award nominations? Sam Smith with his ‘In The Lonely Hour?’ I think so. Ed Sheeran with ‘X?’ Yes, please. Beyoncé with her self-titled album? We’re all expecting that, to be honest.

The 57th annual Grammy Awards will air live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles at 8pm.

ariana grande ebola

A scheduled charity event that was being held in New York on Wednesday night at Cipriani Wall St., with all proceeds providing education for kids in developing countries, didn’t see one of the musical surprise guests of the evening; that surprise guests was Ariana Grande.

According to the Confidenti@l report that was made, sources explained that the 21 year old singer didn’t show because due to recent stories of a Doctor with Ebola being in the Big Apple, she was scared of catching the virus herself.

“Everybody got there and was waiting for her to arrive and she was also supposed to be a surprise musical guest,” a guest at the charity event said. “No one was told she wasn’t coming, when I overheard organizers say she’s not coming, she doesn’t want to come. She’s afraid of flying because of Ebola.’”

The organizers of the event however, after hearing that Grande wouldn’t show, claimed it was due to a scheduling conflict in the plane she was meant to arrive in.

Although no light has been shed on what the singer decided to do for the night since she had no other events to attend, fans, photographers that waited for her appearance and guests of the event are probably still waiting for an apology.

Even though Grande didn’t show, her manager, Scott Braun, did and the charity event raised over $2 million dollars on the night.

It seems silly to think that the virus would spread that fast or easily, right? After all, reports have claimed it can only spread through bodily fluids.

Maybe Ariana will realize this before she definitely cancels her trip to Spain as rumors have claimed she’s thinking of doing.

britney spears vegas

Yeah; a holiday. The famous ‘Toxic’ Blondie, Britney Spears, will be getting her own Holiday in Las Vegas on November 5th.

This was announced by Caesars Entertainment on Oct. 23rd and from now on, in the famous Sin City, Nov. 5th will be known at “Britney Day” and it starts at 8am. The singer will also be receiving her very own key to the Las Vegas strip.

“What an honor! Can’t wait to celebrate with you Vegas. See y’all there??” Spears tweeted on the day of the announcement.

There’s a bonus; Britney will be holding a concert at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Britney Day.

The bonus is that the first 100 people to show up and prove that their names are also ‘Britney’ will get two free tickets to the concert and a free ride aboard the High Roller observation wheel.

britney spears gif

In honor of Britney Day, all ‘Britneys’ will have their own designated area in the front rows of the concert.

Due to the huge success that her performing in Sin City has been, the pop singer has gotten a raise and is making up to $1 million dollars each week! You want that kind of pay cheque? “You better work, b!tch!”

mama june child molestor

I’d just like to point out that in all of the reports and other posts I read about this situation, only once did I read about the concern for Honey Boo Boo or her other underage siblings’ safety and that’s kind of sad.

As the post goes on and if the title wasn’t obvious, you’ll see why.

It has been confirmed by PEOPLE and TMZ that the mother of the beloved Honey Boo Boo on the TLC reality show, Mama June, is now dating a new guy after breaking up with her previous boyfriend, Sugar Bear.

It had all started with the on screen split between Mama June and her long-life partner and father of her children, Sugar Bear where they made the following statement:

“Sugar Bear and I have decided to take some time apart to figure out some things in our relationship. We are taking things day by day, but regardless of what happens, the girls will always be our number one priority. We want to thank y’all for your support.”

It was after this that sources claimed that Mama June was caught ‘sneaking’ off set to go see her new boyrfreind and when she was caught by TMZ, she stated that she was trying to keep her rekindled relationship a secret.

It was then that TMZ did their research, broke and confirmed the story that the man she is now dating has been convicted for aggravated child molestation and was imprisoned in June 2004.

The only thing I’ve seen so far is that this is a problem to the TLC network in terms of the show and Mama June’s decision to date this guy is “a cause for serious concern by the network.”

Yes, viewers are shocked and TLC is currently not thinking of continuing the production of the ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ reality show but I would have preferred it if I would’ve seen more talks in other reports about Honey Boo Boo and her siblings.

This can be seen as a very serious and possibly dangerous situation. Who knows if the guy that Mama June has changed his ways; it’s always possible, but the main thing to be concerned about, is the safety of these persons, not their show ratings.

No further news has been shared about the situation from the network as all Honey Boo Boo show productions are on hold and possibly cancelled at the moment.