Amber Rose has secretly been texting Kanye West as sources hint the former couple may very well be getting back together.

Amber, who just recently filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, didn’t take time trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend, Kanye, after their relationship came to an end just over four years ago.

Several insiders state that Amber still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend despite the fact that he was believed to have been controlling in the relationship.

Shocker? I don’t think so.

Rose ended up parting ways with Kanye who would then go on to date and marry Kim Kardashian, but as their own relationship is heading down the drain with rumours that Kanye is always unhappy, it’s not hard to believe the rapper wants out.

Sources reveal that Kanye has been accepting texts from Amber Rose in the past week.

Amber managed to get his number through a mutual friend of hers; she didn’t waste time trying to make the first move in seeing how he was doing, and things gradually went from there.

It’s unclear whether the two have spoken yet, or whether they plan on seeing each other anytime soon, but one thing that sources are stating is that they’re definitely texting each other.

Kim probably doesn’t know a thing, as always.

Kim probably never goes through Kanye’s phone seeing that he’s such a control freak. She’s probably too scared to look and see if there’s anything in there that would raise eyebrows due to her hubby’s short temper.

And no, we’re not insinuating Kanye would physically hurt Kim — perhaps emotionally though.

“They left their relationship on a bad note, so Amber reached out to basally apologize, and say that she still valued his friendship. . . . They’ve texted just about every day since,” one insider shared.

Well let’s not forget how Amber and Kanye’s relationship ended.

I recall Amber receiving a multi-million dollar cheque from Kanye so that she keeps her mouth shut on things she saw and heard while being around the rapper during their romance.

Kanye West made sure to zip Amber’s mouth shut with millions of dollars. So I’m assuming Amber has some serious dirt on him that he most definitely wouldn’t want to get out to the world.

Perhaps the “dirt” she’s carrying on him is his alleged affair with Kim during his relationship with Amber. How he’d secretly meet up with the 33-year-old behind Amber’s back.

This, along with the rumor that he’s no longer in love with Kim, I could see him try and work things out with Amber again.

But should he take her back, does that mean the money he gave to her as hush money would also be given back?

This Amber Rose chick is making millions from doing next to nothing.

First the hush money, now the $1 million divorce payment from Wiz Khalifa thanks to the negotiated prenup prior to marrying “the love of her life”.

Where do I sign up for a job like hers?