Anna Kendrick is the latest celebrity to have her phone hacked as dozens of her photos have officially been leaked to the public.

According to reports, there were a stunning 87 photos taken from the actress’ phone and published on certain sites including Reddit. Not one of these photos showed any nudity though, it is being claimed.

As you know, many celebs who have been hacked in the last few weeks had their nude photos leaked as all of their private photos were put online.

Although no nudity pics surfaced from Anna’s phone, that doesn’t mean it’s not an invasion of privacy. Clearly the photos that were stored on her phone and not posted on any of her social media pages were intended for self purposes.

It’s unclear whether the hacker plans on unveiling anymore pics from Anna’s phone. For all we know, there could be way more photos that have yet to make themselves available on the net, but it’s scary to think that all of this is coming forward now.

It should be questioned why it’s mainly women who have been getting their photos leaked. Anna Kendrick’s pics weren’t explicit yet they were still obtained and posted for everyone to see — how strange, right?

Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good (who has stunning you-know-what) have all faced the sad act of having their photos leaked.

Then again, it just proves that Hollywood stars should do a little more research on iPhones before their invest in one.

If you’re going to get an iPhone, make sure you don’t have your photos automatically saved to the iCloud feature. I’m sure everyone in Hollywood has learned from their mistake — especially those who had to be publicly humiliated by their nudes coming out to the world.