Beyonce allegedly faked “scenes” from the family video footage she displayed during her final ‘On the Run’ show in Paris.

During her ‘Forever Young/Halo’ performance with hubby Jay-Z, a huge screen rolled out a video in which fans got to see some personal footage from the couple from their most precious moments.

We see Bey and Jay on vacation, there are several moments where the camera focuses on Blue Ivy, and then there’s an infamous clip that shows Beyonce’s “baby bump”.

If that’s what you could call it.

Several outlets are reporting that the clip of Jay-Z holding on to Beyonce’s growing stomach was intentionally put into the video footage for fans to see, to once and for all dispel rumours that the singer did not carry her first child.

Beyonce was believed to have had a surrogate mother during the 9 months she claimed to be pregnant.

It’s notable that the ‘Single Ladies’ songstress kept well out of the limelight during this time but nevertheless, she swears she was pregnant and that the rumours saying otherwise are “ridiculous”.

One source says that Bey and Jay are the most powerful people when it comes to manipulating their audience. Having caused a huge frenzy with their supposed divorce, it all seemed to make sense. The divorce rumours only lurked when their expensive tour kicked off.

Tickets weren’t selling as well, and boom! The divorce rumours start coming forward and all of a sudden, Beyonce and Jay-Z are performing to sold out crowds. There seems to be some kind of truth to it.

And obviously not to forget that even Beyonce’s father, Mathew, believes that the whole marriage crisis drama was staged by his daughter as part of a major publicity stunt.

So would it come as a shock to assume Beyonce faked the clip where she’s supposedly pregnant. If you have seen the clip, you’re aware that the ‘Partition’ hit maker is seen with what appears to be a baby bump in one short snippet featured in the footage. Jay gently places his hands over her belly.

What sources say is that it’s all bogus. That particular clip was staged and more than likely taken just months ago, as opposed to the time when Bey was actually pregnant. Beyonce might’ve recreated the stage of her pregnancy with a little make-up tips to make it appear as if she was pregnant.

It’s an unbelievable theory but it makes sense when you put together how Jay and Bey have manipulated the media in recent months.

There are still doubts as to whether Beyonce even carried her first child ever since she appeared on Australian television for an interview. When she sat down, her stomach notably flattened — almost as if she was crushing the baby… if she was actually carrying one.

What’s your theory on this?