Rumors that Beyonce is pregnant don’t want stop.

As the 33-year-old singer took to the stage last night at the Global Citizen Festival with Jay-Z, fans couldn’t help but think Bey was pregnant.


Well, during their final ‘On The Run’ show just over a week ago, Jay changed lyrics in certain songs hinting that his wife may be pregnant.

Of course I didn’t believe it seeing that Jay and Beyonce were also the people behind the mastermind trick of manipulating the media into thinking they were getting a divorce. All of that was done to boost sales of their overpriced joint tour.

Anyway, Jay has kept people talking ever since. And now that Bey has made her first public appearance on stage since her hubby hinted at a possible pregnancy, fans are pointing out at some sort of baby bump.

One site claims it’s “obvious” Beyonce is pregnant seeing that she opted to wear black pants as opposed to her usual shorts — short enough to see her booty cheeks.

Okay, there’s a sorta valid point in that. Bey is known to strut her stuff in nothing more than short panties, but considering the type of event the couple were performing at, it wouldn’t have been appropriate for the singer’s booty to be on display.

The irony in that sentence is that while her booty wasn’t on display, her breasts almost made their first “public appearance” when Beyonce suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction.

Back to the supposed pregnancy. The black pants that Beyonce sported on top of her supposed baby bump is the given evidence that she’s carrying her second child.

Maybe if you squint while watching the performance you’ll be able to see what the Beyhive fans are claiming — but it’s hard to tell.

With Jay’s comments that he made during the ‘On The Run’ tour, rumours of Bey’s pregnancy won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Catch the performance below and tell us if you think the Queen is carrying another child.

Sidenote: if she was pregnant, would she be allowed to be bustin’ crazy moves on stage the way she did last night? See the video to understand what we’re talking about.