Beyonce woke up like this.

The singer has announced and revealed her newest calendar for the year 2015.

As if she hadn’t already cashed in enough with her ‘On the Run’ and ‘Mrs Carter’ tours respectively grossing more than $230 million, Bey is being greedy by expecting you to buy this too.

We’re just kidding.

No, but really. Each calendar is priced at $14.99 for twelve photos where Bey-hive fans will see their idol strut all her perfect poses as she directly looks in the camera, almost as if she was looking right at you.

The front cover of the calendar has a striking photo on it, which sees Beyonce stripped from all make-up as she poses natural in her white t-shirt, blending in perfectly with her surroundings.

Beyonce’s team have already made the calendar available for purchase on the singer’s site, so if you’re a die-hard Bey fan, you’ve gone to both of her tours so far, and you’re still willing to splash fifteen bucks on a calendar… you’ve just been informed where to go.

Let’s hope Beyonce will rest after this project.