Chloe Grace Moretz could be considered one of the few level-headed actress out in Hollywood right now.

The stunning actress appeared on the Wendy Williams show earlier today to promote her latest movie ‘The Equalizer’ and, of course, discuss her private life a little.

Who knew that the 17-year-old was home schooled? Yup, Chloe says her hours usually range from 10am to 4pm and while there are many benefits of studying at home, she won’t ever be able to go to a “real prom”.

But that’s okay because Chloe says she makes up for it by throwing her own pool parties with her closest pals and family members every now and then.

Partying at a nice Hollywood mansion or going to high school prom — hard choice, right?

Moretz was later asked by Wendy whether she has started dating yet. This question is one that has come up so many times in the last few weeks ever since photos of her and Brooklyn Beckham surfaced.

Chloe sorta confirmed she was dating Brooklyn on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ last week by saying she didn’t want to title her relationship with Beckham.

“I like people who have aspirations, I like people who work hard. People that have a lot of dreams like me. I really admire people that are working as hard as I am at my age,” she confesses, yet still refusing to confirm or deny whether she was dating.

But then again. She’s 17 and her career is blowing through the roof. Just a year ago, she played Carrie in the famous horror movie remake.

She has also appeared in Hugo, Kick-Ass and Bolt. With all this success, it’s understandable why she wants to keep her personal life private.

Chloe Grace Moretz goes on to discuss her love for fashion along with how she deals with fake friends in this 11 minute interview. Watch below