Disturbing news of Chris Brown supposedly having a domestic with girlfriend Karrueche Tran back in 2011 has been admitted by pop band, Justice Crew.

The famous boy band admitted during a recent interview with Daily Mail that when they were backstage at Chris’ F.A.M.E tour three years ago, him and Karrueche got into it — and it turned so nasty, the singer allegedly left his girlfriend crying uncontrollably.

It’s unclear what the two were arguing about, but it was enough to get everyone else’s attention.

“I remember seeing Chris Brown having a little domestic with his girlfriend backstage and I walked past and she was in tears,” the band admitted.

Daily Mail then further questioned the group on whether they remembered which girlfriend he was screaming at during their heated discussion. “…the stylist, the one after Rihanna, I remember seeing them arguing, like real close and she was crying.. I was like ohhh domestics,” they responded.

It’s disturbing in many ways. A couple are allowed to have their arguments every now and then, but the fact that Chris Brown would publicly humiliate Karrueche in front of other people sounds absurd.

With the singer’s bad reputation when it comes to hitting people — Rihanna, Frank Ocean and a fan back in Washington last year — it’s not hard for us to believe what Justice Crew have come forward to say about the star.

Chris, who just released his latest album ‘X’ a few days ago, has stressed to the public that he has changed his ways ever since he was freed from jail earlier this year, following some sort of scandal go down during his stay in rehab.

At the time it was reported that Brown would leave the facility without permission and allegedly had a sexual encounter with a staff worker, clearly breaching the court orders.

One can’t forget the Rihanna beating that Chris will always be linked to. The 2009 incident was enough to constantly hold Brown responsible for any wrongdoings whenever his name is dragged into something scandalous.

But in this case, it seems that his argument with Karrueche that left the poor girl crying was way over the top. We don’t want to assume anything, but how do we know the 2009 incident hasn’t repeated itself on her?