Ciara has reportedly returned her engagement ring to Future, her former lover who allegedly cheated on her with his stylist, Tyrina Lee.

The mother of one, who gave birth to Future’s child earlier this year, is said to be moving on from the relationship despite having thought of giving her cheating beau another chance.

Ci was said to have been aware of the fact that Future hadn’t cheated just once, it had happened multiple times — what is unclear is whether it was the same woman or not.

Judging by all the baby mamas Future has, we’d say it was multiple. Of course we’d only say so if the stories of Future cheating were true.

Us Magazine were the first to report on the story, adding that Ciara broke things off last month when she finally had enough evidence to call Future out on it.

She had given him a chance before this and was laterally just waiting to hear from the rapper’s mistresses again, before she would finally stop this nonsense she has had to put up with and end the engagement for good.

“She found out about the affair through multiple sources in recent weeks. There was clear evidence when she approached Future about the cheating. This was clearly not just a one-night thing,” an insider revealed.

It’s very likely that Future could’ve cheated on Ciara while she was pregnant with his child, seeing that the ‘Honest’ songwriter spent most of his time on tour while his fiancee was locked up at home, preparing for birth and motherhood.

The disrespectful thing Future ended up doing was heading out to a club with Ciara’s enemy, Rihanna, in New York just days after Ci had given birth. It was almost as if the 30-year-old couldn’t be bothered anymore and became tired of his relationship with his woman.

As cheating rumors progressed, Future decided to respond by saying: “I Dnt respond to rumors I respond to money #MONSTER.”

Whatever the case, it seems Ciara will be a single mother for now… just like the other three baby mamas Future has impregnated. All four women are now single ladies, relying on that big child support cheque.

Actually, it’s still to be confirmed how much Ciara would want to claim.

I’d say take the maximum you can get. If your former beau can spend thousands on his mistress’ plane tickets and luxurious clothing, Future’s own child should be worth the same amount.