Ellen Degeneres believes Portia de Rossi’s alleged pregnancy will soothe out all the marriage problems they’ve been having for the past year or so.

Ellen and her partner have become the tabloids’ sensation ever since Degeneres was spotted strolling through the streets of Los Angeles with another woman… that turned out to be her assistant.

It became a big fuss which led to people believing Ellen may have been cheating. Well, she wasn’t. At least not with the woman they claimed she was.

Then the reports came along that Ellen had an alcohol problem, then the rumours of Ellen wanting to find herself a younger woman because she was getting tired of Portia, and it just went on and on.

Now it’s said that Portia is pregnant. The actress decided she wanted to have a baby earlier this year, and everybody knows that Ellen never wanted to have kids. She loves them, but she’s not a big fan of raising one herself.

Word is that de Rossi’s pregnancy will help stop Ellen and Portia bickering over the smallest things. While all marriages have their ups and downs, Ellen and Portia have been arguing constantly, to the point where they need a break from each other sometimes, sources say.

Portia is supposedly sporting a slight baby bump these days. Her recent appearance on her wife’s talk-show to promote the hit TV show ‘Scandal’ had people really wondering whether de Rossi had a bun in the oven, though we were struggling to actually see it ourselves.

Should Portia really be pregnant, how is Ellen actually going to deal with the fact that despite having said she never wanted kids, she’ll be stuck with this child for eighteen years.

And also, why does Degeneres believe these issues she has with Portia will end the fighting and arguing? With a baby in the picture, it would only cause more headaches and literally drive the couple to separate and divorce faster than you can think.

I already feel sorry for that child.