Is Kim Kardashian planning on divorcing Kanye West?

The reality star and her husband have only been married since May, but according to sources for inTouch, their marriage has been crumbling ever since the couple tied the knot.

insiders for the mag share that Kim and Kanye rarely spend time together. Though Kim has claimed on many occasions that she and her beau live in Kris Jenner’s beautiful Calabasas mansion, Kanye actually spends most of his time away in France.

It is believed that since their marriage, West has spent more time away from Kim than actually being with her, which has caused some kind of conflict between the two seeing that they have a 1-year-old daughter to take care of.

This would explain why Kim never leaves the house with her daughter. Because she doesn’t know what to do and would’ve probably hoped that Kanye would be around to help her. But since he’s constantly traveling to different countries, Kim may choose to leave North with the nannies when it all gets too much.

But it doesn’t end there. So now that we know Kanye West is hardly ever spending time with Kim, it’s also alleged that the ‘I Am A God’ hit maker is challenging his wife to quit her reality show on E! to start a more private life.

Let’s not all forget that E! made Kim Kardashian the star she is today. Besides from her sex tape, her reality show has given her the platform to do all the things she’s doing today — from endorsement deals to opening clothing stores all over the world.

Kim obviously wouldn’t want to close the doors on something that helped her because a superstar, but Kanye is demanding it to happen if Kim wants to see a future with Kanye. It won’t happen if she’s still on reality TV, dishing her life to the world.

And get this. You may know that Kim Kardashian’s nude photos leaked last week. Well, according to inTouch’s sources, those pics weren’t actually for Kanye, they were old photos from a previous relationship. For all we know, they could’ve been for Reggie Bush back in 2010.

The 37-year-old is livid at the fact that Kim’s photos have no emerged to the world, especially since they weren’t even for him.

The question ‘Ye is asking himself is why she’d store those pics in her iCloud if they are old and not meant for West (seeing that he never received them).

Then it all made sense. Kim loves looking at herself, so she decided to keep ‘em.

This supposed divorce the mag reports doesn’t shock anyone.