Kim Kardashian has built another nursery room in her Hidden Hills home because she believes she’ll be pregnant again before the end of the year.

As North West celebrated her first birthday just a couple of months ago, Kim has reportedly been talking about how much she wants to have another child.

She’s always wanted a big family, but another thing that’s really important to her right now is that North has a sibling she can play with as she grows up.

The 33-year-old is rarely seen working out these days and we’re hearing it’s all down to the supposed fact that Kardashian is gearing up to carry Kanye West’s second child.

Outlets are claiming that Kim and Kanye are already trying for their next bundle of joy. The reality star has stopped focusing on her weight as doctors have told her that the chances of her being able to conceive in the future will be much harder than if she took the chance now.

And seeing that Kim doesn’t actually work like the rest of us, it’s not like it’ll affect her. Other than her body changing a little bit.

Do y’all remember Kim’s first pregnancy?

The moaning on how she hated the way her body looks was just unbearable. You’d think someone like Kim, who’s constantly caked up in make-up and heads to the gym as often as possible, would’ve enjoyed those 9 months.

But it turned out to be a whole different story.

But this time is different, Kim tells friends.

She knows what’s ahead of her once she conceives.

It is believed that Kim and Kanye plan on moving out of Kris Jenner’s home later this year, so Kim’s pregnancy would be ideal for the couple who’ll be glad to finally have some privacy.

In case you weren’t aware, Kimye have been living with Kris since the summer of last year as they waited for their Bel-Air mansion to be redecorated upon their arrival.

Since then, Kanye purchased another home in Hidden Hills where the two now plan on living while the Bel-Air home will just be another property of the couple.

Perhaps a getaway for Kanye when things get too much with Kim?

Nevertheless, I hope Kim is ready for the challenge to go through pregnancy again. Let’s all pray that there’ll be less moaning this time around.