Kylie Jenner is reportedly planning to launch her music career.

As her older sister, Kendall, continues to take over Paris Fashion Week, Kylie has somewhat remained in the shadow of her sibling.

So to branch out and find a talent of her own, the 17-year-old is getting serious with music; she supposedly loves writing her own songs and has an amazing voice, a source says.

Kylie has been working with vocal coaches that have trained the likes of Beyonce and her best pal, Willow Smith. So taking this into consideration, it really does seem like she’s serious to make something of herself that actually requires work.

At least she’s driven to do something, right?

“Not only can she sing, but she is also starting to write her own stuff and is a pretty good songwriter,” the source explains, gushing on how much Kylie has been working on her voice to perfect it when hitting certain notes of her songs.

Video below dates back to December, 2012

The teenager who claims to be homeschooled, though we’re constantly seeing her out and about in different cities, is aware that she could really push this music industry thing in her favor, seeing how much success the Kardashians have experienced in the last seven years.

Their reality show, clothing lines, endorsement deals, make-up and accessories have all been hits with their Kardashian fans, so why wouldn’t people who are so obsessed with this family want to go and buy Kylie’s music?

I can already see her following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus; twerking and dressing up in inappropriate outfits for her music videos while the songs will most likely be generic bubblegum and auto-tuned stuff with the help of a fantastic music producer.

“Kylie is excited and nervous about showing off her talents. She has really been pouring herself into her music and has had several vocal lessons now.”

If her voice sounds anything like the clip above – which dates back to two years ago – then it would be interesting to see how things turn out for the girl.

But she does claim to have had a lot of vocal training, so anything’s possible, right?