Lil Kim claims she’s making quite a dime from the name ‘Nicki Minaj’.

The rapper appeared in a pre-recorded interview on the Breakfast Club today where she openly admitted to cashing in on the domain name ‘’.


Music mogul, Big Fendi, was actually believed to have been the founder of Nicki — who has quickly become one of the biggest female rappers in the world to date.

Sad thing is that when Minaj’s career started to take off, so did her presence, reportedly deciding to ditch the person who gave her all the material she needed in order to become the successful artist she is today.

It gets more interesting because Fendi says he owns the trademark to the name ‘Nicki Minaj’ which he is now using to his advantage in order to sue Minaj for any breach of legal contract that states Fendi is the sole owner of anything revolved with those two words.

Hence why Nicki’s endorsement deals, including fragrances are usually always titled something other than her stage name, i.e ‘Pink Friday’ for the perfume.

This reverts back to Lil Kim claiming she’s making a lot of money through Nicki.

As you might know, Nicki and Kim have been feuding over the past couple of years as Kim continues to claim Nicki stole her style and her music.

Well, Kim is sorta having the last laugh in this supposed feud because the self-proclaimed Queen B made it known that any money the domain name ‘’ makes, Fendi splits it with Kim for her dedication and loyalty to him.

Fendi and Kim have been friends for a long time.

The whole situation between Fendi, Nicki and Kim is so complicated unless you’ve followed up to this point.

Lil Kim also addresses rumours that she’s “bullying” Nicki Minaj by consistently throwing cheap shots at the Trinidadian star. Her response is epic, juicy and unbelievable all in one.

You’ve gotta see the video in order to understand what we’re talking about.