Lindsay Lohan is on the hunt for a sugar daddy.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star who can currently be seen in the London play ‘Speed-the-Plow’ has been putting her free time to good use by supposedly trying to hook up with rich guys out in London.

It sounds bizarre, but when you consider the fact that Lindsay has been broke on numerous occasions, you start to believe anything. Even when the story comes from ‘Star’ magazine.

That’s right. The mag is alleging that Lindsay wants to follow in the shoes of Anna Nicole Smith and marry a rich man; it’ll be something to put her mind at ease as the actress is still struggling to solely focus on her career.

Her reality show on OWN was a massive disappointment, receiving 700,000 viewers at most per episode. That’s 1.5 million less than what the Kardashian shows average in each week.

Lohan is on the “hunt down a posh English sugar daddy!” The 28-year-old reportedly wants to secure herself a promising future for herself. With the amount of times that she’s run out of cash, it’s understandable why she’d want a back-up plan in case she falls off again.

Lindsay “doesn’t care how old he is,” the source adds.

Her chances of finding a rich fella out in London actually stand to be very high seeing that she’s constantly spotted at posh restaurants out in the UK — the same restaurants famous faces such as billionaire Philip Green (owner of Topshop) dine at.

Only time will tell if Lindsay Lohan manages to snag herself a rich man.