Nick Jonas’ solo career success is rubbing his brothers the wrong way.

It is being claimed that both Kevin and Joe are starting to show their true colours after seeing how well Nick’s career has been doing without having them by his side.

As you may know, Nick decided to go solo after the trio decided to part ways for good as the Jonas Brothers.

Joe tried his luck at going solo but people weren’t interested while Kevin never even attempted. Probably because he saw how bad it turned out for Joe.

But with Nick, it seems to be an entire different story.

The 22-year-old recently debuted his second single ‘Jealous’ and reviews have been really good for the track thus far.

Nick is also enjoying a lot of radio spins with ‘Jealous’ ever since the release of the music video last week increased its popularity by a mile.

Joe and Kevin aren’t happy though, an insider explains. “Nick has always carried the group and he was always the center of attention.”

It’s fair to say that when all three of them were still known as Jonas Brothers, Nick was the lead singer and pretty much sang most of the verses on every single they ever released. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

There seems to be a wider appeal for Nick’s music than for Joe or Kevin’s. Nick is turning out to be the Justin Timberlake in N’Sync. Many tried to go solo, but only one could succeed.

Nevertheless, why would brothers hate on their siblings for their success though? The least you should do is congratulate them and be happy for how their career has turned out. But Kevin and Joe are doing the complete opposite of that.

“[Nick] is the best looking out of them and has always had the hottest girls. He is also by far the most talented.”

November 11th will mark Nick’s self-titled album debut where we’ll see whether the singer was able to make the transition of being a group member to a solo artist.

And if his brothers are already hating now, just wait until the album sales come back for Nick’s record.

It’ll do well over 100,000 copies in its first week.