Nicki Minaj may have become the latest victim who has reportedly had her nude photos leaked on the internet, reports say.

According to several outlets, Nicki won’t be happy to find out her alleged nude pics have made their way around the net for everyone to see in her full naked glory.

We’re told there are numerous of photos, with what seems to Nicki Minaj strutting her stuff as more revealing pics see the ‘Freedom’ songstress completely nude.

But then again — there’s a huge doubt her naked photos will shock us as much as the ‘Anaconda’ video. She was literally naked in that video anyway.


It gets even more interesting because according to one source, one of the photos that sees Nicki Minaj nude, she allegedly has “liquid on her body”.

You can already guess what that “liquid” might be.

The rapper, who has an album coming out in just two months, certainly doesn’t need any bad publicity right now, so it’s only a matter of time before she’ll deny rumours of her nude photos leaking.

Actually, nude photos usually help someone’s career, don’t they?

Kim Kardashian became a superstar and Chris Brown’s nude pics helped his ‘F.A.M.E’ album shoot up in first-week sales. And knowing the huge demand for Nicki Minaj right now, I’m sure these pics will help her more than they would hurt her.

Nicki, you have nothing to worry about.