Robert Pattinson really isn’t bothered with the media frenzy anymore, seeing that he’s now made it official he’s dating FKA Twigs.

Well, sorta.

The actor, who has been linked to the singer for the last couple of weeks now, never responded to those claims – as usual – but it came as a surprise when these two were spotted together once again.

A paprazzo caught the two laughing as they strolled through the streets of Los Angeles together — unfazed by the fact that they were being recorded or photographed.

fka twigs dating robert pattinson

From our knowledge, FKA Twigs – real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett, is Robert’s first girlfriend since his split from Kristen Stewart.

And no, we’re not including the ones that the media speculated, otherwise the list would’ve been extremely long.

But it’s fair to say that the actor has found happiness in his new girlfriend — she’s sorta the complete opposite of Kristen Stewart.She’s a singer, she’s from Britain and she actually seems to have a personality.

In the video below, you see FKA laughing as Robert is chatting with her. When did we ever see Kristen laugh in public? Yes, she hated the paparazzi, but it doesn’t kill to just show a little bit of affection for the person you’re with, right?

And no — we’re not knocking Kristen Stewart or her romance with R-Patz, because the two clearly were very much in love with each other, up until she infamously cheated with Rupert Sanders and caused the romance to collapse once and for all.

Earlier this week, another paparazzo spotted the two in a car together as Tahliah rested her head on the former Twilight star’s shoulder. Do we really need any more prove to confirm the fact that these two are officially an item? I think not.

It looks like congratulations are in order for Robert. He’s found happiness again. And of course for Tahliah too. I hear she’s a singer, but her music has never had any sort of crossover — nor does she get much radio play in the UK.

Of course that’s all about to change now.