‘Star’ magazine is alleging that Simon Cowell’s relationship to Lauren Silverman is heading down a rocky path, despite the fact that the two have been inseparable ever since they got together just over a year ago.

The couple, who welcomed their baby son Eric to the world earlier this year, have shown the complete opposite of claims that ‘Star’ is making in their latest issue, giving us no reason to believe there’s any drama going on in the couple’s relationship.

Simon has stressed in the past that the greatest thing he’s ever been gifted was his baby that Lauren gave birth to.

But then again, ‘Star’ is known for fabricating stories on a regular basis. Just weeks ago, it was claimed that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant again. The outlet has claimed this on so many occasions that if they were reliable sources, Jennifer would’ve had at least 200 children by now.

Simon and Lauren were just seen out and about a couple of days ago — there were no signs of trouble between them.

Conclusion: we can sense nonsense when we see it. ‘Star’ is once again fabricating ideas of their own to make a headline. Simon and Lauren’s relationship is fine.