Former Jersey Shore star, Snooki, has revealed she has given birth to a baby girl.

The mother, now caring for two children, made it known on Twitter earlier tray that a healthy girl she decided to name Giovanna Marie LaValle has been born.

Though it’s still a little strange to see a woman who has just given birth, reaching for her phone to let the world know on Twitter she has welcomed her second child. Nevertheless, the fact that she’s had a healthy baby is awesome.

“So happy 2 let u know we had our beautiful daughter this morning Giovanna Marie LaValle 6.7 lbs full head of black hair & perfect,” Snooki tweeted.

It’s unclear whether Snooki had cameras in the delivery room, seeing that she’s still signed under contract with MTV for her reality show ‘Snooki & JWoww’ which follows the life of the socialite and her best friend.

Giovanna is now the sister to Snooki’s son, Lorenzo, who was born back in 2012 after a surprise turn of events led to the reality star finding out she was pregnant.

Many judged her for getting pregnant, claiming she wouldn’t be fit to take care of a child seeing that she behaved anything but ladylike on Jersey Shore, but Snooki has really proven everybody wrong.

She’s healthy, she just recently purchased herself a home with her fiance, Jiovanni. But not to forget, she’s still getting those reality show cheques — enough to take care of both kids until they finish college.

You can knock Snooki’s past, but you can’t knock her now that she’s really changed her ways from being the party girl with her private parts on display, to businesswoman with two children and living a rather quiet life in New Jersey.

Congratulations, Snooki.