Wendy Williams slammed her protege Charlamagne tha God in an interview earlier today with Elvis Duran.

The famous talk-show stopped by the morning show to discuss all things Wendy, but there was an awkward atmosphere in the room when Williams refused to acknowledge who Charlamagne was.

When the radio personality’s name was brought up, Wendy responded by saying “who?”. She would go on to repeat the word four times before adding she “can’t identify with people she doesn’t know”.

So what in the world caused this beef between the two?

Skip to 13:45 to hear what Wendy had to say about her protege

Well, it is believed that their drift came a couple of years back when Wendy’s husband/manager, Kevin, was supposed to handle some business deals for Charlamagne who was considered one of his best friends at the time.

Charlamagne ended up deciding to go ahead and do the deal by himself, presumably leaving Kevin out on earnings he would’ve made had he been the one who finalised whatever deal the two were proposing at that time.

Soon after, another falling out came about, which Charlamagne didn’t want to go into detail with. Perhaps it was something similar to the first time when the radio DJ betrayed his friend’s trust, or maybe it was something more serious like a brawl.

Whatever the case may be, Kevin stopped talking to Charlamagne soon after that and Wendy soon followed. The New York radio DJ says he never had a falling out with Wendy but would understand that if her husband is not getting along with someone, she’d support her man by taking his side.

Well, that would then go on to explain why Wendy is now acting like she doesn’t know who Charlamagne is.

You really have to do your research to understand how close these two used to be. Had it not been for Wendy Wiliams’ radio show back during the mid 00s, Charlamagne may have not had the platform to be the outspoken radio personality he has become.

Williams considered Lenard as family — they were good friends, and a simple YouTube search of the two would bring up some stunning results, leading you to wonder how these two and their friendship quickly turned cold.