Wiz Khalifa is fuming over court papers showing his soon-to-be ex-wife, Amber Rose, is seeking full custody of their son Sebastian following their divorce.

Amber, who filed for divorce last week, is looking to have sole custody of the couple’s only child after she made strong claims, stating her rapper beau had cheated on her.

Khalifa was believed to have hooked up with several women while he was on tour earlier this year, and Amber supposedly knows this is a fact because she has evidence.

Because of this, the model not only filed for divorce but is fighting to have the judge reason with her and side with her argument that Sebastian is better off living in a household where the parent focuses their time more on their family than their so-called “sidechicks”.

Wiz is putting up a fight of his own though, sources say.

The rapper is convinced that Amber has been sleeping with Nick Cannon. The two have been seen all over the place in recent months, and so it didn’t come as a shock when Nick announced he was managing Amber’s career.

Nick, who is currently in the divorce process with his wife Mariah Carey, has denied claims he’s hooking up with Amber but sources are saying otherwise.

Of course you are going to deny sleeping with Amber because if you admit to it, it would look bad on you. People would say Nick broke up their marriage after his own crumbled.

Speaking of his marriage, Nick would also seem like someone who couldn’t wait to be away from Mariah seeing that he would’ve moved on right after the divorce was announced two months ago. The same time he started hanging out with Amber Rose… a lot.

Wiz’s point is that Amber cheated too. It’s sort of a he-said-she-said game going on between the two, but Khalifa is standing to his argument and will make sure he sees his kid whenever he wants.

In other words, he’s looking to have joint custody, meaning that both him and Amber get to raise their son together.

Something tells me the only reason Amber wants sole custody is so that she’s guaranteed more money in the child support she would get per month.

If she really is sleeping with Nick Cannon, her divorce to Wiz and wanting sole custody would all make sense. She’s already earning $1 million from the prenup, then the additional $5,0000 a-month for child support, and she still gets to be with Nick.

This woman right here played her cards extremely well.

Ladies, take note.