Amanda Bynes has been put on a 5150 psychiatric hold again.

The former actress, who has been showing bizarre behaviour during her short time in New York last week, flew back to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon only to find out her car service was taking her to a nearby hospital where doctors placed her on an “involuntary psychiatric hold”.

According to TMZ, Bynes’ parents arranged for their daughter’s car service to be taken to the Pasadena hospital despite the fact that Amanda thought she was meeting up with her parents and her lawyer following claims she wanted to sue her father for sexual harassment when she was a minor.

She has since taken those harsh comments back.

Nevertheless, Amanda was shocked to learn she had been placed on an involuntary hold, stating that there was nothing wrong with her.

Of course the complete opposite that we, the public, have witnessed.

From having showing odd behaviour at Barneys New York, her parents weren’t the only ones trying to save their daughter’s life. Amanda’s closest friends who she abandoned following her move to NYC are “glad” she’s in a safe environment again.

It is believed that despite doctors considering a maximum of 72 hours under psychiatric hold, Amanda Bynes’ condition may see the actress stay at the hospital for two weeks. Her mental health status is at an all-time high — they say she’s at a worse state than last year.

The most interesting part is that though Bynes’ parents refused on taking yet another conservatorship against their daughter, lawyers have advised them to step up and do so if they wanted to ensure Amanda had a healthy recovery.

The conservatorship would allow Amanda’s parents to control her belongings and finances, meaning she’d stop spending ridiculous amounts of cash on things she doesn’t need.

Let’s hope that Amanda will recover from her mental state this time around.