Amanda Bynes is going to die very soon, close pals of the actress are telling the press.

In a very desperate attempt to reach out to Amanda, some of her friends have spoken out publicly as Bynes is reportedly refusing to pick up calls from them ever since she moved back to New York City this past week.

Amanda is staying in NYC by herself, and we all know how bad things turned out last time.

The people that know her and care for her, including siblings Tommy and Jillian, are worried that this time around, Amanda won’t make it back home alive — they fear she’ll die very soon.

It’s still unclear what’s actually wrong with the 28-year-old former child star.

Her parents, Lynn and Rick, don’t actually believe there’s anything wrong with their daughter. They don’t think she’s suffering from any illness and just behaves crazy because she’s a “spoiled brat,” TMZ’s sources are quoted as saying.

While Amanda may not be crazy, she sure does like her alcohol and her weed.

Reports say Bynes is constantly smoking marijuana ever since she stopped taking her medication. Once she ditched her medications, Amanda was her old self again and quickly decided to ditch her parents and leave Los Angeles.

“Amanda’s brother, Tommy, and sister, Jillian are extremely concerned for her because she isn’t returning their phone calls or texts,” the source says.

“They fear for her safety and well-being, especially since Amanda is now in New York City. They’re afraid she’s going to die there.”

It’s so sad that Lynn and Rick are being put through this at their age.

They know their daughter better than anybody else, so for them to say that she’s fine, she’s just acting like this because she’s an alleged junkie, makes it so much worse to think that Amanda is putting her parents through hell due to her own actions.

“Amanda’s troubles have put a lot of strain on the family as parents. Rick and Lynn don’t believe she suffers from schizophrenia, or any other mental illness. There isn’t anything anyone can do accept hope Amanda doesn’t do anything to put herself in harm’s way.”

It is believed that if Amanda Bynes is placed on another psychiatric hold and her parents were to receive conservatorship of the actress, they will refuse to take on that role solely for the fact that they can’t handle their daughter’s erratic behavior.