Amber Rose is doing everything in her power to try and win back her ex-boyfriend, Kanye West, with these new photos she posted on her Instagram page.

The socialite, who recently filed for divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa, is said to be “desperately” hoping that she can once again reconcile with Kim Kardashian’s husband, following their split back in 2010.

Amber posted a racy pic of herself on Instagram that very much resembles a photo Kim took a year ago to reveal her post-baby body.

Rose is said to be sending up these sexy pics in hopes that they’ll somehow get noticed by Kanye West whose phone number she recently acquired through one of their mutual friends.

It’s unclear whether these two have spoken to one another but the pictures would certainly say so.


Well, Amber was very vocal about her split from Kanye West and why she decided to call time on their romance. She mentioned in a magazine that her break-up was caused through Kim who was secretly sleeping with her man at the time.

Should that have been the case — we have no reason to doubt Amber’s comments — then one could assume that Kanye is now secretly hooking up with his ex behind Kim’s back.

Think about it. Kanye is rarely seen out in public with Kim. He claims the couple live together but whenever Kanye is out and about, it’s usually in another country — far away from his wife, their child and that crazy family.

With all that free time, there’s no doubt in our minds Kanye would find time to sleep around with different women.

Noting that Amber was the one who ended the romance, ‘Yeezus’ may still have feelings for her seeing that he may not have wanted them to break up.

Kim Kardashian is soon going to learn what the true definition of ‘karma’ is. She’s going to be livid once the report is finally confirmed — we’re counting down the days.