Amber Rose and Nick Cannon were both spotted heading to London’s DKTRKY nightclub last night, fuelling rumours they’re really dating.

This rumor has been circulating ever since Amber made it known she had split from hubby, Wiz Khalifa, and was filing for divorce from the rapper who she allegedly caught cheating on more than one occasion.

Wiz hit back at those comments, reportedly telling pals Amber was sleeping with Nick, but of course Amber was quick to deny those allegations.

Well, how would the former stripper explain new photos of her entering London’s nightclub just minutes after Nick Cannon?

Of course one could brush it off and say that they’re just working buddies, but it’s been heavily reported that Nick and Amber have been spending a lot of time together since she announced her divorce from Wiz Khalifa.

Rose is famously signed and managed to Nick Cannon’s management agency. She inked the deal months before she filed for divorce.

Word has it that she was already hooking up with Nick during her deal negotiations when she was set to be managed by the ‘America’s Got Talent’ star so maybe Wiz Khalifa isn’t lying on what he says really happened.

It’s hard to deny the fact that these two have been spending a lot of time with each other, though they are using the excuse of being work buddies.

As Nick is in current stages to finalize his own divorce from Mariah Carey — who admitted to her soon-to-be ex cheating during their marriage — it would make perfect sense why Amber and Nick are now an item.

They probably cheated with one another and ended up spoiling both of their marriages.

Wiz probably cheated after Amber, and Nick cheated on Mariah because he grew tired of the marriage. At least that’s what sources have been saying.