Angelina Jolie is fuming over Emma Watson and Leonardo DiCaprio recent United Nations speeches.

The actress, who recently wed Brad Pitt, isn’t happy that Emma and Leo are suddenly showing off their humanitarian side because she allegedly believes they are jumping on the “bandwagon” to publicize themselves and good people.

Angie has done some amazing things as a humanitarian herself, which Star – who allege the story – mention.

But the tabloid goes on to say that Jolie isn’t happy that certain celebs feel the need to follow in her footsteps just to get something out of it as opposed to doing it because they genuinely want to help other people.

“She thinks they’re stepping into the limelight just to boost their egos,” an insider shared, hinting that Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian efforts have made her feel above all others who have attempted to walk in her footsteps and dedicate themselves to something other than themselves.

There’s no doubt that Angie is passionate on helping others — whether it’s people in poverty, the people in Africa, or those who are fighting horrible diseases all over the world — yet it seems outrageous for her to downgrade other people because she feels it’s ingenuine of them.

Jolie was also upset with Victoria Beckham’s recent UN speech, which would make sense seeing that the former Spice Girls’ speech came the same week as she launched her clothing store in London.

Perhaps Angelina Joie is on to something here?

I would be upset if someone is trying to play the nice cards for the sake of publicity as opposed to showing genuine affection to the cause of whatever is being promoted.

It’s quite common for celebrities to join a certain cause to boost their reputation and make them seem like they are heartfelt people, when in actuality it’s only done to promote something.

Is Angelina right on this?