In 2015, Back to the Future, the film that made time travelling cars cool, will be celebrating 30 years since it first went on the big screen.

Next year, it will do so again but this time with more emphasized background music. There’s some fancy, theater-music stuff is in store for this film’s celebration.

The plan is to edit out the soundtrack of the film, so that it can be shown on screen without the scores and songs, originally written by Alan Silvestri, and instead have an orchestra perform the score live.

The 21st Century Orchestra will be conducting a special performance for the world premiere in Lucerne, Switzerland. The anniversary celebration for ‘Back to the Future’ is being organized by IMG Artists and the Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency, the same agency that also organized live orchestra performances for other classical film celebrations such as ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Star Trek.’

It’s expected that other venues will ask the agency to book the re-release of the film and have musicians perform during shows of the film.

If you weren’t excited before, there’s still more that will go into this celebration. For the performances that will be conducted by the live orchestras all over, Silvestri has stated that he is working on 15 more minutes of the soundtrack to be added during the premieres of the film.

And, yes, there’s still a bit more information, there have also been talks of a musical dedicated to the classical time travelling film, meant to hit the London Stages soon.

Silvestri, Robert Zemeckis and Jamie Lloyd, the screenwriters for the film, the director, Bob Gale and songwriter Glen Ballard are coming together once again to put together a musical to capture all of the film and shape it into an act to be performed on live stages.

Pretty exciting stuff for a film that’s a bit old, right? I should now, the film’s 11 years older than I am but I’m still looking forward to this celebration because we’ve all seen this movie more than once.

The re-release and the 30th Anniversary celebration performances are meant to take place in late May of next year.