The next big DC Comics film, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is meant to be released in 2016.

A few rumors have been going around the media about a construction set somewhere in the desert, a few details about Robin being in the movie and – oh, yeah, he’s a woman now!

You read that correctly; a woman. Spoilers for the movie starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman are being leaked by an anonymous extra working on set.

A few months ago, details of other characters that would appear in the film were also being spread; characters such as Aquaman and Wonder Woman, along with the actors that would portray them. However, none were as big as this latest rise in information.

Robin, Batman’s young sidekick, originally a male in the comics and television programs released by DC Comics, is now going to be a female in the upcoming film. This wasn’t the only information that was leaked.

Oh no, sir; whoever leaked the fact that Robin is now high on girl power also released which actress will be Robin: Jena Malone.

The Catching Fire actress is rumored to have been seen on set. I for one, see a lot of good feedback on this casting, very much unlike when the news that Christian Bale wouldn’t be portraying Batman but the role was instead being taken up by Ben Affleck.

(I’m sure we all remember that, it was on twitter for days!) The response to the news of Robin having a sex change has been accepted decently by fans.

It can be expected that there would be some retaliators but generally, everyone’s okay since Jena Malone is the choice to do so.

This came at a cost though. The extra on set is now facing a $5 million dollar fine from Warner Bros. for breaking the confidentiality agreement and leaking these spoilers to WILX-10 News. Yikes!

That’s a huge fine.

The news channel promised to keep the identity of the leaker anonymous and after that, more information of the movie was obtained.

It included mentioning of seeing Jena Malone already filming action scenes on set in Detroit, Michigan and a fight scene between Lex Luthor, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, and Batman, Affleck where the military would be involved.

So far, the leaker’s identity is still to be found out. Poor guy; that’s a pretty big fine but thanks for the information!