Ben Affleck is still “too fat” to film shirtless scenes for the forthcoming Batman movie, so that producers had to hire body doubles.

People have been upset ever since founding out Ben received the role as Batman in the Superman vs Batman flick that’s currently being filmed.

It was heavily reported that Affleck needed to gain a whopping amount of muscle for the role and while the actor claims he’s already packed on 40lbs of it, producers still consider him as “overweight” for the role.

A source tells National Enquirer: “The star showed up looking so flabby for a shirtless boxing scene that producers immediately hired a ripped body double – and ended up using him so frequently as the Batman stand-in that snarky crew members sneakily started calling Ben ‘Fatman’ behind his back!”

It must be embarrassing to be told you’re too fat to do a shirtless scene so we have to hire a body double who looks better than you.

Ben Affleck really has no excuses though. The news was announced almost a year ago, so he’s had enough time to get himself in the shape that would make producers happy — right now, he’s just proving why everyone hated the fact he was picked for the role.

There’s no denying that Ben has gained weight and muscle, but it’s more about the body image that he is supposed to portray for the film. Christian Bale was somewhat ripped when he played Batman and people don’t see that in Affleck.

It is believed that Ben is still training heavily to get his body right so that he can eventually do scenes without having body doubles stand in, meaning he’ll be spending even less time with his family just to look perfect for the movie.

‘Fatman’ would make any actor want to hit the gym and prove their producers wrong.