Everyone knows how rumors have been going around that the couple was having rough times and was maybe even getting a divorce? Well, there’s no better way to stop the rumors than to renew your vows and, oh yeah- look for a new house near the Eiffel Tower.

Inside sources have stated that the couple was having some issues but have now worked it out and have actually renewed their vows. When you’re a power couple made up of Beyonce and Jay Z, you look for houses in ‘Millionaire’s Row’ and next to Elysee Palace.

Although confirmation on what their choice in house hunting will be, we can be sure it will be elegant and extravagant.

Why Paris? Well, why not? It’s not the first time the couple has expressed their love for the city of romance. Jay Z had mentioned to their audience at one of the last shows at the On the Run stadium tour this September that they love Paris because it’s where they got engaged and, quote-on-quote, “It’s where Blue Ivy was conceived.” Enough reasons.

What might have caused all this split related rumors though? I’m sure everyone remembers the video of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, hitting, kicking and possibly scratching Jay Z in an elevator. Maybe that had something to do with it, maybe it didn’t.

Commentary from the couple about the incident was never given but hey, it’s passed and the couple is once again, on stable ground.

Sources have released that the couple decided to work out their issues for the sake of their daughter, Blue Ivy, as well for the sake of their fans and their reputations. Of course, none of us wanted to see Queen B go through something like a divorce.

For all the fans, the couple has stated that they will be collaborating once again on a new album, more information will be released in time.