Beyonce is coming for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj with new screenshots emerging that the singer plans on releasing a 4-disc special of her multi-platinum self-titled album, Beyonce.

The 33-year-old, who has embarked on two sold out tours since working on the record, is set to present her fans with more music material after it was claimed the singer found it hard to pick from the 90 songs she initially recorded for the project.

It’s unclear how many songs she’ll place on the CDs, but things are looking good right now. They’ll definitely be more than twenty new songs that fans have never heard before.

So it’s pretty much turning into Beyonce season all over again.

If you’re confused as to why and how Bey is going to kill off her competition with the likes of Nicki and Rihanna, we already know that Onika Maraj is planning to debut her forthcoming record ‘The PinkPrint’ while Rih is also set to unveil her forthcoming album.

But what makes this so much more interesting is that all three albums are dropping in the same week!

Beyonce’s team have scheduled the release of ‘Beyonce [Platinum Edition]’ right before Black Friday, November 24th. Nicki’s album drops that same week while Rihanna is expected to release hers on November 25th.

Three of the biggest female artists releasing in the same week. Awesome!

Sources say that one of the CDs will be a mix of concert footage from Beyonce’s ‘Mrs Carter’ tour while she’ll also show clips from her ‘On the Run’ tour which she embarked on with her husband, Jay-Z.

Not only has Beyonce had a massive year with her self-titled album. The two tours have grossed over $190 million in sales and now she’s giving fans more material in what seems to be the conclusion of the project.

In other words, Beyonce has done everything with this album — now she just wants to collect her last few coins from the songs that didn’t make the official cut back in December.

God damn, god damn, god damn!