Beyonce Knowles has the whole town talking about her crazy new ‘bangs’.

Photos were going around all yesterday of the superstar’s hairstyle — mocking her humorously! Her fans even played a part in the hilarious situation.

Now we know the fabulous diva is always on point with everything, so why would she allow herself to wear her hair like that. It looks rather frightening and crazy!

Sources say Beyonce has a method behind her madness.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s one and only daughter has been kind of the topic of a lot of people’s conversations because everyone knows her hair is never combed! Oops, sorry but not sorry Beyonce.

Photos were also released of Blue’s hair being combed that same day. Maybe Beyonce thought if Blue has her hair done than it shouldn’t matter how her own hair looks.

Beyonce has not spoken on the jokes and I do not plan on hearing her speak on it — she’d never address her own mishaps, like her alleged marriage problems.

Queen B always slays so why distract us with a bad hair day? Crazy.

Well, Jay must not think to much of it because in photos that surfaced, he portrays a casual face.

Is Beyonce going through something? I do not know and honestly none of us will ever know. Perhaps it’s a new look she’s sporting for Jay following all those divorce rumors. She’s trying to spice up the relationship.

Beyonce sure does know how to keep the town talking! Haha!

Hopefully we will see a better side of Beyonce because it is obvious she does not care how people view her wether it is at her best or her worst.

[Image via: DListed]