Miranda Lambert’s heart is aching as Blake Shelton has publicly stated he doesn’t want to start a family anytime soon. Blake recently appeared on ‘Ellen’ where he openly said he does not have any plans on reproducing anytime soon.

So if you’ve been following the Miranda Lambert drama in recent months, you’d know that the country starlet has supposedly been pushing to have children with Blake, but has struggled to convince him.

With rumours that Blake has a drinking problem and a ‘wondering eye’ that easily catches other women’s attention (if you know what we mean) you could understand why the ‘Voice’ mentor is against the idea of having kids.

Should it be true that Blake and Miranda are constantly fighting and that Blake likes to drink one too many bottles of whatever alcoholic beverage he chooses, there’s no way that kind of environment would be fitting for a baby.

With Miranda Lambert having lost all of that weight and feeling like a whole new person, wouldn’t you want to make sweet love to your woman — especially when you’ve known that she’s wanted to have children before you married her?

Blake Shelton is coming across as if he’s leading Miranda on to think he’ll have children with her one day, but before you know it, ten years will pass and he’ll still be in denial of having kids.

The two have been arguing ever since Blake Shelton told Ellen Degeneres he has no plans on starting a family.

Miranda was livid to watch the interview.

They’ve been married for three years and she wonders when Blake will finally grow up and jump out of this phase he’s in, to settle down and not only be the perfect husband to her, but also a great father.

Miranda Lambert is 30 now. Ladies, y’all know that from 30 and onwards, it starts to become harder having children.

Kim Kardashian was very vocal about this when her doctor had told her the chances of her getting pregnant at the age of 31 were starting to decrease drastically from year to year.