Bruce Jenner’s recent date night with a Kris Jenner look-alike at an Elton John concert has people wondering whether his “date” was more so used as a cover up for his on-going alleged sex change.

It’s no secret that Bruce has been getting endless amounts of surgical enhancements done ever since splitting from his former wife last year.

Having grown out his hair to then highlight it blonde, getting rid of his adam’s apple, getting manicures, wearing spanx and allegedly having had lip injections done in recent weeks, there’s a pattern showing Bruce is changing drastically.

But when the former Olympic champion arrived to the Elton John concert with a female companion last week, it almost seemed as if Bruce was trying to throw the media off from thinking he’s still planning on becoming a woman.

bruce jenner sex change

The woman does resemble Kris Jenner a little bit.

Dark hair, presumably same age and probably just as bossy — which makes no sense to us because Bruce was very vocal on how much he hated Kris for being such a control freak in their marriage.

Bruce literally had to get permission from his wife to do certain things.

So it’s almost fair to assume that the female companion who Bruce took to the Elton John concert with him was a throw off from the public going on about sex change rumors.

But here’s the problem.

How do you try and change people’s opinions on these rumours when Bruce himself looked very much like a woman as he arrived to the concert.

Many outlets pointed out how Bruce had grown out his hair… to get that wavy hairstyle he was rocking that particular evening. His hair was so wavy, you would think he had it blow dried at a hair salon.

And not to forget the allegations talk-show host Wendy Williams made when she claimed Bruce may have had lip injections done too.

bruce jenner lip injections

It’s all just a mess. Trying to make people think you’re not having a sex change by having a woman who likes like you follow along to a public event is bizarre.

Of course Bruce has yet to respond to these claims, though we doubt he’ll say anything at all.