It’s official. Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman.

Well, at least his fingernails somewhat prove it.

The former Olympic champion is sporting some serious long nails these days — and if we didn’t know any better, we’d say he’s definitely taking good care of them.

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Good care, as in frequent trips to get a manicure.

Sources are saying that this is just one of Bruce’s latest moves to slowly find acceptance from his family (and the world, for that matter) that he’s planning to become a woman.

Having grown out his hair, had blonde highlights put in place, grown out his nails and allegedly loves to wear spanx because of how it shapes his body, it’s fair to say that Jenner is making some big changes in his life.

Of course everything up to this point is still speculation and rumours, but there are clear signs showing that Bruce may really be thinking about becoming the Brigette he’s been destined to become for a year now.

His nails look like the ones below. Note the photo above is just an illustration of what Bruce’s nails appear to look like in the photos above (without the pink, glitters).

fingernails white design

Sources for several outlets claimed last year that once Bruce finalizes his sex change procedure, he would change his name to ‘Brigette’ because of its feminine ring to it while still having some relation to the name ‘Bruce’.

Bruce and Brigette don’t have any relation if you ask us.


Bruce Jenner still seems miserable whenever he’s spotted out and about. There’s this sense that he’s afraid of what the public may think once he does decide to go forward with this life-changing surgery.

But if that’s what’s going to make Bruce happy, then why not?

After all, he put up with Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians for two decades. I think the man deserves to have some kind of freedom of his own to do whatever he wants to do with his life.