How often do we see singers randomly pop into a high school dance and perform for prom? Rarely.

Well, Charli XCX decided to take a small detour from her touring on Oct. 22nd and found herself at Aspire Pacific Academy to perform 3 songs for the homecoming dance.

She sang hits like “I Love It,” “Fancy,” and “Boom Clap” for the very excited students who probably weren’t expecting her to show up. And she didn’t leave as soon as she was done signing; instead she stayed a while longer and turned into a DJ for the dance.

Although Charli XCX was born and raised far away from America, England that is, she spoke of how she’s always admired homecoming dances in the U.S. of A.

“Homecoming dances and proms are an American thing I’ve always been very fascinated with because all of my favorite movies end with a prom or something like that. I was really excited because I thought it was going to be like my own Jawbreaker moment.”

Sponsored by Ubisoft, the video game developer that provides us with the awesome Just Dance games was responsible for hosting this homecoming surprise concert.

Having just recently release Just Dance 2015, in which some of Charli’s songs are featured, the company thought it would be a fun idea to have the singer perform in a high school gym. The Aspire Pacific Academy was chosen because of the charter school’s commitment to performing arts and higher education.

The principal of the school, John Zapata, stated that he gave all rights and responsibilities to the game developing company and made it clear that he was very thankful for the opportunity to have such a special dance for the students, claiming that they normally don’t host homecoming dances due to expenses.

XCX wasn’t the only appearance of the night. The high school also warmly welcomed YouTuber, Tyler Oakley, and actress, Bella Thorne.

Sounds like an epic prom, maybe Ubisoft will sponsor more surprise concerts, hopefully one in the University I attend.

Charli’s new album, Sucker, is set for release Dec. 16.