The original blondie is back.

After leaving the judge/coach seat for her tours and maternity leave, it was announced on the Today Show that Christina Aguilera has been set to return three seasons later, after other well-known goldy-locks keept her seat warm.

Shakira and Gwen Stefani have been coaches during her absence but after only one season, Gwen Stefani is leaving, giving up the seat to Aguilera once again.

As much as I like Shakira and Gwen Stefani, I liked seasons with Christina a lot better.

The return of the former, soon-to-be not former, coach after her touring and post-baby duties and the announcement of Pharrell Williams to stay for season 8 has broken up the routine seen on the NBC show of changing two coaches every other season.

This is an exception to the two mainstays, of course, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

There have been several complaints and comments on Aguilera’s expected return to The Voice; concerns about viewer ratings falling. If anything, the current season isn’t doing so well.

Posts around the web from other entertainment sites have discussed and looked over reasons why Aguilera’s return might lead to lower ratings, including things such as Christina not having an approachable personality and not being connected to the two mainstays.

There were also mentions in these articles of Aguilera not fitting in well to reality shows and was compared to Jennifer Lopez when she was a judge on American Idol.

But! All of this is coming from entertainment sites, not the fans.

Tweets and posts all over have expressed nothing but approval of Aguilera’s return as a seat-turning judge and coach.

Tweets have been seen all over simply saying things like “OMGOMGOMG,” and “Yes! We missed you!” I’m no expert but that seems like good feedback.

Everyone knows she’s got skills; she gets along well with the other judges and knows what she’s doing when she coaches; have you not heard her sing?
I think her return will be a good thing; fans will probably be more into the show in season 8.

Who knows what actually goes on but to viewers, it seemed like Christina had a better relationship with mainstays, Adam and Blake; a more comfortable and pal-like chemistry was present while she was a coach along with Cee-Lo Green.

With current coaches, Pharell and Gwen, it seems a bit forced; maybe because this is the first season for both Stefani and William. Pharell may need more time to sink into the fans’ preferences.

Well, he’s going to have another season to try to do that since he’s staying although it’s still not clear as to why Stefani is leaving after only one season.

Xtina also seems to be planning a 2015 release of her upcoming album, as she tweeted: “New baby. New Music. New season of NBCTheVoice. Bringing FireandFun to all, can’t wait for 2015!”