Ian Somerhalder may not be returning to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ once the show ends its sixth season run, it is being claimed.

The actor has reportedly grown tired of the show and its drama.

With rumours constantly flying around that Ian and Nina Dobrev are having a hard time focusing on their scenes with their off-screen drama that includes Ian’s new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, Somerhalder thinks it’s time to move on.

Having recently shared his opinions in an interview, the actor hinted that ‘Vampire Diaries’ season six could very well be his last season, stating that there’s some kind of closure for the fans during this series.

“It very well could be our last [season]. I think now that there’s a finality to it, everyone’s really realizing that this is a very important time in our lives. We created some very cool storytelling.”


When the show first premiered five years ago, it was must-watch television. With 4.5 million viewers tuning in to watch the pilot, executive producer, Julie Plec, knew she had a hit on her hands with the program.

But as seasons have gone by, fans have tuned out of the show for whatever reason. Several episodes during season 5 only managed to pull in 1.4 million viewers.

That’s 1 million less viewers than what the Kardashian reality shows average in. Ouch!

Perhaps with the ratings declining from season to season, Ian wants to leave before the ship sinks completely.

The 35-year-old has been linked to so many projects in recent years but there was nothing he could really ever commit himself to for one main reason. The show’s filming hours always came into conflict with other movies he would’ve wanted to star in.

Of course there was a huge rumor going around earlier this year that Ian Somerhalder wanted to play Christian Grey in ’50 Shades of Grey’, but even if he had landed the role, he wouldn’t have had the time to shoot the film with his work schedule for TVD.

When asked how long Julie Plec thought the show had left before it would end, she said: “You could ask 10 different people that question and get 10 different answers, in terms of how long the life of the show is.”

“Warner Bros. would say, ‘17 seasons!’ And I think I would say, ‘Seven!’ [she laughs] Presumably, we’ll land somewhere closer to my wishes or theirs, depending on the circumstances.”

Sources hinted that back in August, Ian Somerhalder was delaying the process of signing on for the sixth season of the show.

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley were quick to sign their contracts but Ian had second thoughts, thinking it was finally time to leave.

It may have not happened this season, but there are strong signs that show Somerhalder will not return to the show next year.

And why should he? The actor has complained that ‘Vampire Diaries’ fans are some of the meanest people on earth, particularly Nina Dobrev’s fans who slammed Nikki Reed for dating the vampire hunk.

Nikki received thousands of death threats from Nina’s fans who claimed she was at fault for blocking the reconciliation between Dobrev and Somerhalder.

He’s been on TVD for five years, the ratings are declining and he wants to move on to other things. I think that sounds fair.