Iggy Azalea made a shocking and distasteful insult at a photographer who was invading her privacy, saying she hopes he’d die from Ebola.

We don’t have to fill you in on the disease to know what Ebola is — turn on the news and you will see how many people who catch it end up dying from it. Literally everybody.

So what led to Iggy’s somewhat meltdown?

Judging from the video, Iggy and her pal entered a nearby shop so that the songstress could do some grocery shopping in what appears to be around nighttime.

The video starts with Iggy’s pal screaming on top of her lungs, consistently asking the photographer to keep away and stop getting into their space.

She ends up spitting on the photog who argues back more and more before Azalea eventually steps out the building to confront the paparazzo who was ready to start an argument with the Aussie-born rapper.

He argues that Iggy signed up to be a celebrity so she should be aware of the fact that photographers are going to be after her, taking her picture. He adds that she can’t just choose when she wants the paparazzi around her, and if she didn’t like it, she should move out of LA.

The photographer joked that Iggy’s friend spitting on him could mean he might die because that’s one common way of Ebola passing to another person. In other words, he was insinuating that Iggy’s pal had Ebola.

Azalea literally lost the plot when she then hit back saying she hopes he catches the disease and dies from it, before shoving her shopping trolley into the photog who continuously tried to pick and fight another argument.

Near the end of the video, Azalea tries to reason with the photographer who clearly didn’t have no intentions of backing down or even listening to what was being said.

In all fairness, Iggy Azalea is living in Hollywood where photographers will stalk you all the time. She’s definitely got to adjust to the lifestyle because the lifestyle won’t change just because she’s a newcomer to the fame.

Nevertheless, her point was valid, just overly exaggerated and mishandled.