Jaden Smith is subliminally shading Kylie Jenner in his new song ‘Fast’, it has been reported.

As outlets continue to claim Kylie allegedly broke things off with Jaden to date 24-year-old rapper, Tyga, Jaden seems to have dedicated his latest song to the reality star — and from what he’s saying in the track, he’s not happy.

“Why you driving so fast? Girl where you gotta go? Baby you should try and drive slow,” the ‘Karate Kid’ actor is heard rapping, presumably referring to Kylie’s sudden change in men every year or so.

At 17, Kylie has been linked to quite a few boys in her age group.

She was famously said to have dated Cody Simpson just over two years ago, before moving on to Jaden Smith and now supposedly setting her eyes for Tyga who she’s spending quite a lot of time with.

Dinner dates, traveling to New York — the whole lot.

“‘cos you’re going 45 on a 15. I’m just trynna stay alive on the big screen. When you coming out to drive, all the kids scream,” he continues.

A fan suggested on Twitter that Kylie’s reckless driving in recent months could’ve been the inspiration for this particular line, seeing that Jenner is known to crash her cars quite frequently.

Ouch — your ex calling you a bad driver is gotta hurt, right?

“Usually you don’t be using me, I’m the one you cry out my eulogy, magic like Hudini,” Jaden Smith adds before letting off one of Tyga’s famous “Ahhh” sounds.

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If you’re familiar with Tyga’s music, you’d know that usually before every verse, he starts it off by saying “Ahh” — so would that make it more given evidence that the song is sorta aimed at Kylie and Tyga’s relationship?

You gotta hear the song to understand the shade Jaden is throwing at Kylie in the song.

These artists think we won’t catch on to what they are subliminally saying but we know.