Jennifer Lawrence has only been dating Chris Martin for less than two months and she’s supposedly already planning to have a baby by him.

According to OK! magazine, the ‘Hunger Games’ actress isn’t waiting to take her romance to the next level, having supposedly realized Chris is the only man she sees herself spending the rest of her life with.

The mag’s cover is very revealing, suggesting that Jennifer is trying to start a family with the Coldplay singer, having reportedly told family and friends she’s destined to become a mother and is hoping for her first child to be a girl.


I mean, she just broke up with Nicholas Hoult and now she’s already wanting to have Chris Martin’s baby?

Chris must be a really awesome guy if he not only treats her well, but also would support her with plans on starting a family — it just seems ridiculous to think he would say yes.

As many believed Jennifer Lawrence’s romance to Chris Martin was sorta a rebound fling that would end once she starts promoting ‘Mockingjay’, sources are stating otherwise.

In fact, the couple are so in love, Jennifer has even suggested moving in with Chris Martin.

Should this be the case, this would mean that Lawrence would spend a lot of time around the singer’s kids, which ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, has supposedly been against ever since she found out Jennifer is dating her former hubby.

Gwyneth is allegedly not too impressed with Jennifer, and just a week ago picked up the kids from Chris’ house right before Jennifer was set to get there.


Because she’s unsure about the relationship. She feels it won’t last and exposing the kids to woman that won’t be around for long would just hurt the children more than anything.

Well, with reports claiming Jennifer Lawrence could already be pregnant, I think Gwyneth should start allowing her kids to hang around with J-Law because it seems she’ll be around for a very long time.