Jessica Biel may be pregnant with her first child to Justin Timberlake.

According to new reports, the Hollywood actress sported what seemed to be a slight baby bump as she arrived at an Australian airport to support her husband’s world tour.

Jessica has kept quite a low profile in recent months. She’s been absent from many concert shows that Justin held back in the States which initially had people thinking the couple were going through a rough patch.

And it would seem that reports claiming Justin may have hooked up with a backup dancer named Zenya Bashford clearly didn’t help fans’ speculation on whether the two were on the verge of getting divorced.

Well, Jessica proved the complete opposite by not only heading over to one of Justin’s shows in Sydney, but also showing off her supposed baby bump.

Photos emerged two weeks ago but are only now having people question whether the happy couple are expecting a child.

It would make perfect sense for Justin and Jessica Biel to start a family now as the singer is soon to be closing his world tour, giving him plenty of time to rest and relax from his hectic schedule ever since dropping the 20/20 Experience album.

Justin gave fans two albums in one year back in 2013 and shows have been selling out like crazy, so if Timberlake ends up taking a much-needed break after this tour wraps, he wouldn’t be financially hurt at all.

Though nothing has been confirmed by reps or by the two Hollywood stars themselves, Jessica Biel’s alleged pregnancy would explain why she’s been in hiding for the past couple of months and while we’re only starting to see her now.

Should Jessica be expecting, this would finally silence tabloid rumours on how “desperate” the actress has been in wanting a baby but Justin supposedly not being ready to start a family.

Guess they proved the tabloids wrong after all.