Jordin Sparks was ready to take on Wendy Williams earlier this morning when she sat down for an interview with the talk-show host amid reports her ex-boyfriend, Jason Derulo, cheated on her.

The interview was exactly what I hoped it would be — juicy.

Wendy wasted no time getting into the most talked about story of the past week. Jason and Jordin split, and reports have been going crazy, stating that Derulo was messing around with Carmen Ortega.

Carmen is a well-known groupie who was held responsible for splitting up Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush after she was believed to have also had an affair with the NFL player back in 2010.

So when Wendy popped the question on whether Jason Derulo cheated on her with another woman, Jordin responded by saying she would not like to answer that question.

In other words, yeah he cheated but she doesn’t want to say it out loud.

Think about it. If Derulo had not cheated, why didn’t she just say he didn’t cheat as opposed to saying she didn’t want to answer the question?

There’s been so much talk on these two in the last seven days. Especially from Jason’s end.

The singer, as Wendy said herself, has been doing a breakup tour, hitting up every radio station to tell his side of the story on what happened, why it happened, etc.

When Jason recently appeared on Hot97, he was very vocal on saying he hasn’t spoken to Jordin for two weeks now — the last conversation they had was when he told her the relationship was over.

He denies ever cheating on Jordin and claims the two simply grew apart as their constant bickering and arguing had led Jason to finally call it quits.

Jordin’s side of the story is a little different.

Catch the video above where Sparks talks on everything from whether Jason is still living in her house, how her parents feel on the break-up, and her new movie.