Did Justin Bieber dump Kendall Jenner to get back with Selena Gomez?

This couple and their constant breaking up and making up is becoming extremely confusing, but Jonathan Cheban believes Justin will win Selena back.

As you may already know, Selena reportedly split with her on-again, off-again beau over stories claiming the ‘Baby’ singer had hooked up with Kendall while the trio were out enjoying Paris Fashion Week just two weeks ago.

Insider to literally all things Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban, spoke out with what he things is currently going on between Selena and Justin.

If rumours are true that Justin is (or was) dating Kendall earlier this month, Jonathan would be the first to know seeing that he’s always surrounded with the Kardashian family.

So what did he say?

“[Selena and Justin] are a great couple… this is the best way to do a Hollywood relationship — they’re on for a few months, they break up,” he shared.

“It seems like with the two of them, it’s a forever thing. It does not end. It keeps going and going and I think it’s awesome. They’re a good match.”

In other words, it seems like he’s insinuating that should Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner really be dating, the romance won’t last and Justin will most likely pull the plug just so he can get back with Selena Gomez.

Would you consider that cheating though?

Sure, Justin is in another relationship now, but if he’s constantly running to different girls and then runs back to Selena, what kind of dedicated relationship would you call that?

For whatever reason, Gomez just keeps on running back to the point where one has to ask themselves what the singer actually gets out of constantly being let down and hurt again.

The disrespect was already sensed when Kendall was spotting on a dinner date with Justin — now if you didn’t know, Kendall was considered a good pal to Selena up until this year’s Coachella earlier this year where they reportedly had a falling out.

Selena dropped Kendall from Twitter and Instagram and hasn’t spoken to her since, sources say.