Kris Jenner reportedly set up the supposed date that her daughter Kendall Jenner went on with Justin Bieber yesterday in Paris.

Of course we all know that Justin and Selena are currently seeing each other again. Sources say their romance kicked off a couple of months ago and they’ve been good ever since.

So it came as a surprise when Justin and Kendall would choose to have dinner at a public restaurant — they could’ve simply opted to have dinner at home, or at a place that would’ve been more convenient for the two.

But then you’ve gotta remember who Kendall’s mother is. Kris Jenner.

Outlets are claiming that Kris was behind the media frenzy last night when Kendall and Justin stepped out of their Rolls Royce car and headed to a restaurant with dozens of photographers randomly already waiting at the scene.

Somebody must’ve called the paparazzi to let them know on what was about to happen, otherwise how would they have known the youngsters were going to show up?

It would make sense for Kris to try and manipulate the audience into thinking there’s tension in Justin’s relationship to Selena.

Not only that, but let’s think about this for a second.

Kendall Jenner is on top of the world right now. She’s walking the runway for every huge designer out there — Chanel, Givenchy, etc.

Her career has pretty much blown through the roof in the last few weeks, and in order to maintain that level of success and attention, Kris is working her own magic by hooking up this “date” Kendall had with Justin.

Kris is no stranger to calling the paparazzi when she needs one of her kids to make the press.

Last year, she infamously hooked up the same “date” between Kendall and Harry Styles. The two were seen out and about from that point on, but supposedly split a few weeks later due to their hectic schedules.

Oh please. There was no relationship, it was a publicity stunt to get the media talking.

So this begs the question… why is Justin in on this?

He has an album to promote for the next month. The 20-year-old is dropping his first duets album with fellow singer Cody Simpson, and seeing that this will be his first album in over two years, his PR team want to make sure the record sells well.

So there ya have it.