Kendra Wilkinson is continuing to make headlines as fans of the former Playboy starlet believe Hank Baskett’s cheating affair was staged for their reality show.

WeTV is definitely going to profit off of the forthcoming series for Kendra’s show seeing that it is mainly focusing on the scandals that went down over the summer, as Hank allegedly slept with a transsexual woman behind Kendra’s back.

Wilkinson eventually found out and all hell broke loose.

But what has been raising eyebrows is the fact that this story didn’t break until Kendra and Hank were said to start shooting for the new season a couple of months ago.

That alone makes it seem like it was all planned.

A theory to it could be that Kendra needed a storyline in order to get picked up for another season, and with these reality shows having women interact in fake fights and unnecessary drama, it wouldn’t be hard for Kendra to join the bandwagon.

Sources have said that Kendra and Hank’s relationship “is fine,” adding that they seem like a happy couple. This is odd on so many levels. No woman who had just found out her man had been sleeping with a transsexual would take those news lightly.

Clearly Hank is looking for something from Kendra that she can’t provide.

Nevertheless, it’s funny how the only time we see Kendra and Hank get upset, angry or show some kind of emotion is when the cameras are around and they’re shooting scenes for their reality program.

We’ve seen the two out and about on several occasions now, and there seemed no tension between the two.

Sure, someone could argue that they’ve worked things out and Kendra has forgiven her man, but how can any woman with sense take back her husband who clearly isn’t attracted to her.

Why else would he find the need to sleep with a transsexual?

Sources think their “real life” drama is bogus, their fans agree, and so do we!