Khloe Kardashian’s real father is Lionel Richie, according to a new report.

The guessing game on who Khloe’s biological father is continues to go around the media as fans speculate the same question. We all know Khloe ain’t a Kardashian, so who’s her father.

Well, several media outlets had assumed it may have been Alex Roldan, the family’s hairstylist that closely worked with Kris Jenner thirty years ago, months before Khloe was born.

Then there were the rumours of Kris sleeping with O.J Simpson which Jenner personally ended up denying, stating that she had never slept with O.J during the years the two were good friends.


inTouch magazine is now coming forward, claiming that the family’s longtime friend, Lionel Richie, is Khloe’s father as the mag continues to insinuate that Kris and Lionel had something going on back in the ‘80s while the momager was still married to Robert Kardashian.

Though the tabloid does not state how the revelation came about, Lionel is aware of the news and has since reached out to the Kardashians — Khloe in particular.

I know, I know, it’s all very hard to believe.

The tabloids have been on this story for two years now. But one of these men has to be Khloe Kardashian’s father because it certainly isn’t Robert.

Khloe is much taller, her facial features are much stronger, her personality is different, her natural hair color is much lighter than Kourt and Kim’s, and the list pretty much goes on and on.

Though I still have my doubts on Lionel being Khloe’s real father, my bets are still on Alex Roldan — he’s the spitting image of the reality star, especially from the neck and upwards.

This seems to be the case for me because I recall an episode on the family’s reality show where Khoe refused to have a DNA test done, presumably because she feared the tabloids had some truth to the digging they’ve been doing.

Kris has been around the block and the truth is finally coming forward.

Whether Lionel Richie is really the father, time will tell.

Oh gosh! Will he now be a occurring member on ‘Keeping Up’?