Khloe Kardashian has been keeping a pretty low profile in recent weeks.

To be honest, she’s kept quiet ever since she announced her split from French Montana about a month ago.


OK! magazine is alleging that the reality star is pregnant and isn’t saying anything to anyone because she knows they’ll judge her for finally conceiving… with Lamar Odom.

Sources say Khloe has reconciled with Lamar. In fact, they’ve been seeing each other again for quite some time, to the point where they’ve made it official to each other they are officially an item again.

Though Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce last year, she never finalised the court papers, meaning that she can simply throw them in the trash now… unless she wants to file them at a later point when Lamar will mess up again.

And trust me, he sure will.

But Khloe isn’t getting any younger and the only man she really trusts is Lamar, despite his drug addiction and cheating ways.

But surprisingly, word is that the NBA baller has cleaned up his act. He hasn’t touched any kind of drug substance since the beginning of the year and is solely focusing on his career in basketball.

He’s been wanting to win over Khloe for months now but when she got with French Montana, he felt like he needed to take a step back and let her have fun and live for a little. After all, he allegedly cheated on her with a handful of women.

The least Khloe could do is hook up with French Montana.

OK! adds that the 30-year-old never stopped loving her husband. She seems overjoyed with the news that she’s pregnant.

Having wanted to start a family since 2010, let’s hope she’s making the right decision by getting back with Lamar Odom and taking the risk by actually trusting him to make the right decisions this time around.

I sense that he’ll relapse, though I do really hope he stays on the right path.