Khloe Kardashian is so hurt by the recent heartbreaks she’s experienced, the reality star is alleged to be taking antidepressants to try and soothe out the wounds.

According to Star magazine, after her romance to French Montana ended last month, Khloe has kept a pretty low profile. And that’s not because she’s willingly choosing to stay away from the public, it’s because she’s facing depression.

Following her split from Lamar Odom and now going through another break-up with French, the mag alleges that Khloe feels “fat and ugly” to the point where she’s finding it hard to feel comfortable in her own skin.

“All she and French did was party and drink, and it’s starting to catch up with her. Now the relationship is over, and she feels fat, ugly, and alone. Plus, she’s got her divorce from Lamar [Odom] still looming over her head.”

What’s interesting is that sources for Star reveal the exact same story we reported earlier this week on how Khloe was allegedly getting butt implants among other surgical enhancements to feel pretty again.

Not only that but there were rumours going around that she may end up reconciling with her estranged husband who famously cheated on her while dealing with a serious drug addiction.

Things get even worse because another insider adds that Khloe and her brother, Rob, have been living together for the last couple of months and seeing that Rob is going through a depressing time of his own right now, it’s really not helping Khloe change her mood.

“Khloe is taking antidepressants all the time to cope with her pain,” the source continued. “Khloe needs to cut the dead weight from her circle — not pop pills.”

So sad to think a woman needs to get surgery done in order to feel pretty over the fact that she’s ditched two guys in less than a year.

Maybe she really just needs to stick to being single and finding herself during this time because hitting up her local surgeon isn’t going to make things better. It’ll change the way you look from the outside, but not how you feel on the inside.